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Suffolk's Priority Species

SBIS holds records from Suffolk for all taxonomic groups. Coverage varies from group to group and is largely a reflection of the number of people interested in the group.

In general, the 'big and pretty' groups, such as birds, butterflies and mammals are well covered whilst less popular groups such as woodlice, micro-moths and parasitic hymenoptera have relatively little data. 

The pages listed on the left menu summarise our holdings for each group and the extent that which the data has been computerised. They also include details of County recorders (full list on Suffolk Naturalists Society website), links to relevant National Schemes and Societies, outlines of current projects, future work priorities and major publications which provide Suffolk information.

For all taxonomic groups, the first requirement is to establish a checklist of the species in the County, past and present. The next stage is to list species in national red data books, nationally scarce, and those included in the Biodiversity Action Plan lists. For some groups lists of 'County Notable' and 'Habitat Quality Indicator' species will also be drawn up. These lists will be prepared by working groups with expertise on each taxonomic group in consultation with conservation bodies in the County. As far as possible selection at County level will be comparable from group to group using published evaluation criteria similar to those used for County Wildlife Site selection. These lists will be used internally when deciding on priorities for computerisation and will be circulated within the County to encourage recording.

We have collated a collection of useful Species Identification Guides.

You can visit the taxonomic group page using the links on the left or the individual species pages by clicking the images below.

Common Lizard
Common Toad
Grass Snake
Great Crested Newt
Natterjack Toad
Brown-banded Carder Bee
Fen Mason-wasp
Five-banded Tailed Digger Wasp
Large Garden Bumblebee
Moss Carder Bee
Red-shanked Carder Bee
Sea-aster Colletes Bee
Weevil Hunting Wasp
Lagoon Sand Shrimp
White-clawed crayfish
Alder Flea Weevil
Black Oil Beetle
Brush-thighed Seed-eater
Necklace Ground Beetle
Pashford Pot Beetle
Poplar Leaf-rolling Weevil
Scarce Four-dot Pin-palp
Six-spotted Pot Beetle
Stag beetle
Wormwood Moonshiner
Zircon Reed Beetle
Barn Owl
Black-tailed Godwit
Corn Bunting
Grasshopper Warbler
Grey Partridge
Herring Gull
House Sparrow
Lesser Redpoll
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Little Tern
Marsh Tit
Northern Lapwing
Reed Bunting
Savi's Warbler
Song Thrush
Spotted Flycatcher
Stone curlew
Tree Pipit
Tree Sparrow
Turtle Dove
Willow Tit
Wood Warbler
Yellow Wagtail
A Mirid Bug
Dingy Skipper
Silver-studded Blue
Small Heath
White Admiral
White-letter Hairstreak
Norfolk hawker
Annual Knawel
Basil Thyme
Bearded Stonewort
Borrer's Saltmarsh-Grass
Broad-leaved Cudweed
Corn Buttercup
Crested Cow-Wheat
Divided Sedge
Early Marsh Orchid (cream flowered)
Field Wormwood
Fine-leaved Sandwort
Fingered Speedwell
Flat Sedge
Fly Orchid
Frog Orchid
Greater Water-Parsnip
Man Orchid
Marsh Stitchwort
Native Black Poplar
Prickly Saltwort
Purple Milk-Vetch
Rare Spring-Sedge
Red Hemp-Nettle
Red-tipped Cudweed
Sea Barley
Shepherd’s Needle
Slender Hare's-Ear
Small Cord-Grass
Small-Flowered Catchfly
Spanish Catchfly
Spreading Hedge-Parsley
Spring Speedwell
Stinking Goosefoot
Tower Mustard
Tubular Water-Dropwort
Unspotted Lungwort
European Eel
River Lamprey
Spined Loach
Fancy-legged fly
Goldern Hoverfly
Southern Yellow Splinter
Tassel Stonewort
Bearded Tooth
Coral Tooth
Oak Polypore
Orange Chanterelle
Orchard Tooth
Pepper Pot
Sandy Stiltball
Tiny Earthstar
A Lichen Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris
A Lichen Bacidia incompta
Starry Breck-lichen
Chalk Screw Moss
Pitted Frillwort
Texas Balloonwort
Thatch Moss
Atlantic White-sided Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin
Brown Hare
Common Dolphin
Common Seal
Harbour Porpoise
Harvest Mouse
Hazel Dormouse
Humpback Whale
Long-finned Pilot Whale
Minke Whale
Orca (Killer Whale)
Red Squirrel
Striped Dolphin
Water Shrew
Water Vole
White-beaked Dolphin
Allis Shad
Angel Shark
Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Halibut
Atlantic Herring
Atlantic Mackerel
Basking Shark
Blue Shark
Blue-fin Tuna
Brown or Sea Trout
Common Skate
European Hake
Horse Mackerel
Lesser Sand Eel
Long-snouted Seahorse
Porbeagle Shark
Sea Lamprey
Sea Monkfish
Short-snouted Seahorse
Spiny Dogfish
Starlet sea-anemone
Tope Shark
Twaite Shad
Undulate Ray
White or Bottlenosed Skate
Depressed River Mussel
Desmoulin’s Whorl Snail
Large-mouthed Valve Snail
Lesser Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail
Narrow-mouth Whorl Snail
Native Oyster
Shining Ram’s-horn Snail
Barberry Carpet
Basil Thyme Case-bearer
Bordered Gothic
Dingy Mocha
Double Dart
False Mocha
Fenn’s Wainscot
Four-spotted Moth
Goat Moth
Grey Carpet
Horehound Long-horn Moth
Lunar Yellow Underwing
Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth
Olive Crescent
Pale Shining Brown
Rest Harrow
Sloe Carpet
The Concolorous
The Forester
Water-dock Case-bearer
White-mantled Wainscot
White-spotted Pinion
Duffy’s Bell-headed Spider
Fen Raft Spider
Heath Grasper
Rosser’s Sac-spider
Serrated Tongue Spider
Silky Gallows-spider
Swamp Lookout Spider
Whelk-shell Jumper
Yellow-striped Bear-spider