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Volume 99 (Spring 2018)


Title Author Page
Editorial Ben Heather 1
What’s on?   2
Autumn Members’ Evening 2017 Gen Broad 4
The Current Popularity of Nature Writing Richard Stewart 10
Hoverflies, SBIS/SNS bursary Juliet Hawkins 12
Turtle Dove Surveyors Needed Across Suffolk Katy Froud 13
Goneplax rhomboides (L., 1758) the Angular Crab in Suffolk: An Update Jerry Bowdrey 14
Training Courses for Wildlife Educators Joan Hardingham 16
Pliocene Forest Open Day Geo Suffolk 17
Suffolk Swift Survey Edward Jackson 18
A Correction: SNH Vol.53 – Trichoptera of Suffolk Adrian Chalkley 18
Calling for Butterfly Recorders Rob Parker & Juliet Hawkins 19
Book Review: Britain’s Mammals Gen Broad 21
Shaken but not Stirred Rasik Bhadresa 23
The lichens of Brandon Country Park, Suffolk (Part 1) Dr. C. J. B. Hitch 25
A new record of the rare caddis fly Limnephilus tauricus Adrian Chalkley 27
An Unusual Christmas Decoration Joan Hardingham 29
Whatever next … Dancing Wax Caps! Neil Mahler 29
Some Suffolk Clerical Aurelians Patrick Armstrong 30
Harwich Harbour Stone Beds Bob Markham 34
Shifting Sands Heritage Lottery Project in the Brecks Sharon Hearle 35
Butterfly and Moth Meetings 2018 Butterfly Conservation 36

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