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Volume 97 (Summer 2017)


Title Author Page
Editorial Ben Heather 1
Great British Beach Clean   2
It’s Choke(d) Jim, but not as we know it Neil Mahler 2
Looking for the hedgehogs of Ipswich Ali North 4
Recording Wildlife at Brandon Country Park David Falk 6
Two surprise stag beetle records 2017 Colin Hawes 8
Fissures in the Coralline Crag at Rockhall Wood SSSI, Sutton Caroline Markham 10
Wild Villages Gary Lowe 12
Mouse traps – some observations from the Tudor barn in Milden Juliet Hawkins 14
Monitoring Tubular Water-dropwort and Greater Water-parsnip in East Anglia Pete Case 16
Butterflies In Christchurch Park, Ipswich Richard Stewart 18
Book Review: “Britain’s Spiders” Alan Thornhill 18
Yellowbelly Terrapin/Slider John Baker 19
Triumph for Tassel stonewort Juliet Hawkins 21
The Enchanting Bee Orchid Rasik Bhadresa 23
Red-veined Darter invasion, May 2017 Nick Mason 25
A welcome immigrant Richard Fisk 27

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