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Volume 86 (Autumn 2013)


Title Author Page
Editorial & Snippets Ben Heather 1
Members’ Evening & SNS Conference 2014   3
Dolichopus laticola; the first recent record of this species outside Peter Vincent 4
Update on the Purple Hairstreaks Richard Stewart 6
Grass Snakes at Sea John Baker and Eve Simnett 7
Juvenile Cuttlefish at Shingle Street Gen Broad 8
Response of Stag Beetle larvae to water-logged soils and flooding Colin Hawes 11
Vegetation Stripes at Knettishall Heath CGS 29th June 2013 Caroline Markham 13
The day an Emperor came knocking Hawk Honey 16
Shanks’s Pony or the Bicycling Botanist Adam Stuart 20
More on Newton and Wrigley Tom Langton 24
Percy the Macaw Joan Hardingham 26
Long-tailed Blue Lampides boeticus at Landguard Bird Observatory Tim Bagworth 27

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