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Volume 92 (Autumn 2015)


Title Author Page
Editorial Ben Heather 1
What’s on?   2
Using iRecord: A Verifier’s Point of View Adrian Chalkley 3
The Dunwich Heath Bioblitz 27 and 28th May 2015 Stuart Warrington, Alison Joseph, Richard Gilbert & Lloyd James 6
Realising the Potential of the River Stour at Great and Little Bradley Alex Moore da Luz 8
Evolution of a Breckland Landscape by Richard West Caroline Markham 12
Wildlife at home and work Gi Grieco 13
Fungi twitching in November Juliet Hawkins 15
The Tawny Owls in Christchurch Park Richard Stewart 19
Arthur Rivett – winner of Pete Guest Award 2015 Sue Hooton 21
The Wild Flower Society Winter Months Hunt Anne and Dennis Kell 22
My Year 2015 Trevor Goodfellow 24
Gonocerus acuteangulatus, aka the Box Bug C. J. B. Hitch & K. Carr-Tansley 28
A letter to the editor Alan Cornish 28
SNS Members Holiday Offer Greenwings 29
Ganoderma australe or Ganoderma adspersum? Neil Mahler 30

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