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Volume 80 (Autumn 2011)


Title Author Page
Editorial   1
Report on the 2011 conference David Walker 2
Poem: English walks Alasdair Aston 3
Nesting birds in strawberries Liz Cutting  4
The Japanese pine sawyer Jim Foster 6
Members evening October 2011 David Walker 7
Nall's Glossary of the East Anglian dialect Geoff Heathcote 8
Bob Markham – the Halstead Medal Award Roger Dixon 12
Quick Quiz   14
Field excursion, West Australian sub-branch Patrick Armstrong 16
Geo-Suffolk's Pliocene forest interpretive panel C.J.K. Markham 18
Silver-washed fritillary makes a welcome return to Suffolk Rob Parker 19
Natural history equipment: Why chose a microscope? Adrian Chalkley 20
Is a pet for life even if it is only a churchyard beetle? David Nash 24
Snippets   26
A herbalist's view of thorn-apple Caroline Wheeler 27
Letters, Notes and Queries   28

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