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Volume 93 (Spring 2016)


Title Author Page
Editorial Ben Heather 1
Spring Members Evening & AGM   2
What’s on?   3
An Invasive Alien – The Asian Hornet Joan Hardingham 4
Another Stag Beetle Predator Colin Hawes 7
Wilderness Tim Gardiner 7
Unexpected visitors – Braconid wasp and Agonopterix moth in the living room! Martin Cooper 8
Wild Flower Society Winter Months Hunt – a follow up Anne Kell 11
Clunch In West Suffolk Roger Dixon 12
New mammal for Suffolk Dr Simone Bullion 16
Hollesley Marshes Lyndsey Record 17
Valerian as a Nectar Source Richard Stewart 20
Almost another BAP Species Neil Mahler 21
Bee hotels, more than just a gimmick Hawk Honey 22
Two records in one from Kelsale Jerry Bowdrey 24
New Fungus for Suffolk Neil Mahler 25
More What’s on?   26
A year of Suffolk Biological Recording Online Ben Heather 28

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