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Volume 76 (Summer 2010)


Title Author Page
Editorial   1
Snippets   2
Poem: Advent night - Star Lane Alasdair Aston 3
Mapping and understanding native black poplars in Suffolk Ben Heather 4
Priestly Wood field meeting Joan Hardingham 6
Can we save the eel populations in East Anglia? Ros Wright 8
Garner/Naturalists' Gazette David Nash 10
Ascomycete posing as Basidiomycete Neil Mahler 19
Stoke Tunnel SSSI Bob Markham 20
Summer surveys in south Suffolk: Lavenham Natural History Group Barry Ruggles 22
A herbalist's view of lime or linden Caroline Wheeler 23
Miscellaneous records 24   25
Book reviews   26
Letters, Notes and Queries   32

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