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Volume 89 (Autumn 2014)


Title Author Page
Editorial   1
Autumn Members Evening 2014   2
Logo Challenge Ben Heather 3
Black rat record for Ipswich Simone Bullion 4
A Fault: Nacton Shore Cliff Bob Markham 4
Antlions – an East-Suffolk speciality Joan Hardingham 6
The purse web spider Alan Thornhill 9
Species Records – Making a difference Gen Broad 10
Leaf-Cutter Bees Richard Stewart 14
My year (2014) Trevor Goodfellow 16
Voucher Specimens Neil Mahler 19
A New Suffolk Record for the large Pond Skater Adrian Chalkley 21
Confessions of a novice Moth-er Peter Lack 23
Stag Beetles 1868 – 2014 Colin Hawes 26
Chemicals in our fields, water and wildlife Tom Langton 28
Drosophila suzukii in Suffolk Martin Cooper 30
Roman Snails Richard Fisk 31
Mammals of Essex – A New Atlas Darren Tansley 31
Shieldbugs at Play Rob Parker 32

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