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Volume 98 (Autumn 2017)


Title Author Page
Editorial Ben Heather 1
New Records of the Small Headed Water Fleas Adrian Chalkley 2
White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary butterflies in Bentley Colin and Ann Hawes 4
Crataerina pallida, a rarely recorded common fly Peter Vincent 6
The University of Suffolk Drs Nic Bury and Chris Turner 9
Butterfly Challenge Trevor Goodfellow 13
AONBs ‘Pollinator Patches’ Project Neil Lister and Emma Black 18
Pond Life in 2017 Richard Stewart 21
Harpers Hill Grassland County Wildlife Site Emma Black 23
The Playful Mustelids Rasik Bhadresa 25
Elm – the only host plant for the White-letter Hairstreak Rob Parker 26
The Brecks Earth Heritage Trail Howard Mottram 29
Geronimo the Grasshopper Tim Gardiner 31
SNS Meeting Dates 2018   32

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