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Volume 85 (Summer 2013)


Title Author Page
Editorial & Snippets Ben Heather 1
Social Media & its uses for Naturalists Hawk Honey 3
Observing a Garden Pond Richard Stewart 7
More Pond Life Charles Cuthbert 8
Online Recording with Suffolk BRC Ben Heather 10
Rare barkflies, jumping spiders and green lichen Alan Thornhill 14
Outcomes of the 2012 Suffolk Leafhopper survey Colin Lucas 16
A request for records & specimens of social wasps Adrian Knowles 18
The third British record for Dolichopus excisus Peter Vincent 19
A Sea Mouse Gen Broad 20
Discovery of a mycangium & associated yeasts in the stag beetle Colin Hawes 22
SNS Supports SOG Phil Brown 23
GeoSuffolk looks at the London Clay Caroline Markham 24
Book Review - Otter Country David Walker 25
Giddyup, Spring is Here at Last Rasik Bhadresa 26
Obituary - B Laps David Nash 27
SNS/SWT/SOG Taster Species Recording Event   28

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