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Volume 88 (Summer 2014)


Title Author Page
Editorial Ben Heather 1
Another new fungus for Suffolk Neil Mahler 2
The battle continues…the fight against invasive alien plants in the Stour Valley! Matt Holden 4
Nesting Materials Richard Stewart 8
How you can help monitor Suffolk’s bats? Sue Hooton 8
Records please! Rosemary Leaf Beetle Ben Heather 10
Stratiomys longicornis – a fly a long way from home! Peter Vincent 11
Periglacial Landforms in Breckland Caroline Markham 13
Are some roadside plants on the verge of extinction? Dr. Anne Kell and Dennis Kell 15
Where has all the road kill gone? Tom Langton 21
Back on the Hopper Trail in 2013 Colin Lucas & Tricia Taylor 22
Volucella zonaria – an impressive beast Peter Vincent 24
Suffolk Show Wildlife Hawk Honey 27
Suffolk’s Nature Strategy Nick Collinson 29
Species ‘Re-introductions’ Nick Miller 32

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