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Volume 7 (1949–1951)

Part 1 (1949)


Thomas Moffet in Suffolk, 1585 – Morley, C.
Total of Known Suffolk Fungi – Mayfield, A.
Insects Rediscovered at Fritton Warren – Burton, J.
Wild Plants Growing on Waste Ground in Ipswich – Batchelder, S.J.
The Diptera of Suffolk: Family xv, Stratiomyidae – Morley, C.
Wasp's Novel Tactics – Crickmore, E.G.
Some Spiders New to Suffolk: i Areneae – Hull J.E.
and Some Spiders New to Suffolk: ii Chlonethida – Gilbert, O.
News for Naturalists


Part 2 (1950)


Colorado Beetle's Suffolk Advent – Anon.
A New Parasite of the Swallow-tailed Butterfly – Morley, C.
Our Changing Countryside and its Endemic Flora – Simpson, F.W.
The Diptera of Suffolk: Families xvi-xxii – Morley, C.
Hascot, a new crag-pit – Cambridge, P.G.
On Coelocryptus rufinus, Grav., an Ichneumon New to Suffolk – Morley, C.
Weather in 1949
News for Naturalists
News for Naturalists


Part 3 (1951)


The Green Woodpecker's Louse – Giles, C.C.T.
Life History of Digger Wasp Mellinus arvensis – Boreham, H.J.
The Diptera of Suffolk: Family xxiii – Morley, C.
Three Birds' Posts – Lingwood, E.
Geological Section – Spencer, H.E.P.
Botanical Section – Simpson, F.W.
Weather in 1951
News for Naturalists

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