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Volume 29 (1993)

Past and present status of the Yellow-necked Mouse – Martin, J.R.
Desperately seeking ... Water shrew (Neomys fodiens) and Harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) in Broadland – Jowitt, A.J.D. & Perrow, M.R.
Woodlice in Suffolk – Lee, P.
Notes and comments on some Suffolk moths in 1992 – Hall, M.R.
Three species of gall wasp (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae), new to Suffolk – Bowdrey, J.P.
A 'heraldic' fish – failing to find the Barbel – Heathcote, G.D.
Some recent Suffolk plant records – Hyde, E.M. & Simpson, F.W.
The Scarce Plants Project, 1991-2 (p 45) – Hyde, E.M.
The status of Spartina maritima in Suffolk – Cooper, M.A.
Green Nightshades – Sanford, M.N.
Notes on the fungi of Thetford Forest – Heathcote, G.D.
Geological details of two pits near Kesgrave – Mottram, H.B.
Notes and Observations: Migrant butterflies p. 11; Firethom leaf-miner p. 21; Suffolk names for fossils p. 25; Willow Tit on Honeysuckle p. 46; Co-existence of hornet and wasp p. 46; Grey Squirrel and oakapple p. 57; Fingered Speedwell p. 61; Festuca ovina at Landguard p. 61; Amaranthus spp p. 70
Mammal Mania: Opening address – Earl of Cranbrook
Mammal Mania: The origin of British mammals – Morris, Pat
Mammal Mania: The status of the Badger (Meles meles) in Britain, with particular reference to East Anglia – Harris, Stephen
Mammal Mania: Otter-Mink-Water Vole relationships, a summary – Birks, Johnny
Mammal Mania: The status and population dynamics of small mammals in broad-leaved and coniferous woodland – Flowerdew, J.R.
Mammal Mania: Deer in East Anglia – Chapman, Norma
Mammal Mania: Is the British Red Squirrel an endangered species? – Gurnell, John

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