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Volume 44 (2008)

Field of Dreams: Factors contributing to increasing bird populations on arable farmland in England – Henderson, Ian
Field of Dreams: Hares – the East West divide – Harris, Stephen
Field of Dreams: Making the most of it: Ants, Bees and Wasps on arable farmland – Edwards, Mike
Changes in the number of butterflies visiting a garden in north-east Suffolk, 1992–2007 – Dare, P.J.
Bumblebees robbing Penstemon flowers – Kirby, M.J.
Aculeate Hymenoptera Recorder’s Report for 2006–2007 – Knowles, A.
2007 Butterfly Report – Parker, R.
Comments and notes on some Suffolk moths in 2007 – Prichard, A.W.
Notes and Observations: Butterflies around Framlingham, 15 July – 4 August 2007 – Aston, A.
Notes and Observations: Bee watching – observations of a Mason bee, Osmia bicolor, concealing its nest in a snail shell – Parker, R.

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