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Volume 26 (1990)

Memories of the Suffolk Naturalists’ Society – Simpson, F.W.
Chinese Water-deer at Minsmere, 1989 – Macklin, R.N.
Albino Common Frog, Rana temporaria L. in Ipswich – Mendel, H.
Notes and comments on some Suffolk moths in 1989 – Hall, M.R. & Watchman, A.
An interim report on the regular sampling of the moth population at Fen Street, Hopton (overlooking Market Weston Fen), Suffolk – Hall, M.R.
Twenty years of moth monitoring at Broom's Barn – Riley, A.M.
Suffolk click beetles of the genus Ampedus including A. balteatus var. adrastifonnis Reitter (Coleoptera: E-lateridae) new to Britain – Mendel, H.
The intertidal invertebrate fauna of the Orwell estuary – Beardall, C.H., Gooch, S.M. & Pilcher, R.
Porcupine Society Field Meeting October 1988 – Aldeburgh to Shingle Street – Lampard, D.J.
Some recent Suffolk plant records – Hyde, E.M. & Simpson, F.W.
Plant records from Landguard Common, 1985-1988 – Copping, A.
Past distribution of the Burnt Orchid, Orchis ustulata L. in Suffolk. – Simpson, F.W.
More aliens – Sanford, M.N.
Bird's Nest Fungi – Heathcote, G.D.
Molinia caerulea var. viridiflora Lajeune – a variety of Purple Moor-grass in Suffolk – Trist, P.J.O.
Molinia caerulea subsp. altissima (Link) Domin – a Purple Moor-grass – Trist, P.J.O.
Notes and Observations: Hunting hornets p. 4; More fungi for Suffolk p. 32; Fungus new to Suffolk p. 5 ; Pike p. 11; Sparrowhawk at Elmswell p. 51; Cock's-eggs – a correction p. 86; Perching by Barn Owls p. 45; Crayfish at West Stow p. 7; Fasciation p. 86

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