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Volume 12 (1962–1964)

Part 1 (1962)

Spiders from Redgrave, Lopham and Hopton Fens in the Waveney and Little Ouse Valleys – Duffey, E.A.G.
A Feeding Population of Pipistrelle Bats – Lovett, W.V.
Some Habits of the Red-Legged Spider Hunting Wasp – Boreham, H.J.
Entomological Notes – Aston, A.E.
Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1961 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Notes on Suffolk Lepidoptera for 1961 – de Worms, C.G.M.
A Ladybird Plague on the East Coast – de Worms, C.G.M.
Scarcity of Meadow Browns – Beaufoy, S.
Notes on some Suffolk Grasses – Simpson, F.W.
Records of Interesting Grasses in Suffolk, 1960-61 – Trist, P.J.O.
Prehistoric Animal Remains at Harkstead – Spencer, H.E.P.
Notes and Observations: Parish Records; Grasses; Roadside Verges; Another Amaranth; Ulmus; Stinkhorn; Grasses; Solitary Wasp; Bat caught on Trout Fly; Noctule-Serotine Bats’ Cruising Speed; Red Squirrel; Bank Vole; Tame Weasel; Japanese Beetle; Flamingo at Cattawade

Part 2 (1962)

Records of Bat Parasites from West Suffolk – Thompson, G.B.
A Review of Lepidoptera in the British Isles during 1961 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Some Moths New to Suffolk – Chipperfield, H.E.
The Flora of an Old Pasture – Trist, P.J.O.
Breckland – Boreham, H.J.
Weather Report – Chapman, S.
Suffolk Bird Report for 1961 – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Pipistrelles; Pipistrelles in Church; Cat Suckling Young Rat; Grey Squirrel; Blackcock; Yellow Necked Mice; Rare Grass; Daphne mezereum; Friendly Rivalry; New to Suffolk; Palmate Newt; New Publication

Part 3 (1963)

A Preliminary Account of the Spiders of the Flatford Mill Region – Cooke, J.A.L.
Coypu (Myocastor coypus) at Minsmere Bird Reserve – Axell, H.E.
Squirrel Survey – Aston, A.E.
The Flight of Noctule and Pipistrelle Bats Compared – Barrett, H.G. & Cranbrook, Earl of
Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1962 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Notes on Lepidoptera in Suffolk for 1962 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Some Further Observations on the Habits of the Field Digger Wasp – Boreham, H.J.
Movement of White Butterflies – Beaufoy, S.
Weather Report, April to July, 1962 – Chapman, S.
Publications Received
Some Plants-Rare and Otherwise – Willis, J.C.N.
Icklingham Plains-Habitat Study – Trist, P.J.O.
Fungus Foray, 27th October, 1962 – Simpson, F.W.
Notes on Dr. James Harrison’s Lecture – Payn, W.H.
Notes on Mr. Kenneth Williamson’s Lecture – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Deep Galleries of Mole; Badgers; Feral Fallow Deer; Natterer’s Bat; Long Eared Bats; Late Swallow-Tail Larvae; Plague of Crane-Flies; Alder Moth; The Clifden Nonpareil; Pale Eggar in Suffolk; Great Oak Tree; Our Geologist

Part 4 (1963)

Two Rare Scarabaeid Beetles rediscovered in the Suffolk Breckland – Morris, M.G.
A Review of the Prevalence of British Lepidoptera in 1962 – de Worms, C.G.M.
The Pouch Meadow, Trimley – Simpson, F.W.
Great Oak Trees and Others – Wright, J.O.
The Fibrous-Rooted Oxalis-Corniculatae – Willis, J.C.N.
Dactylorchis ericetorum, Linton, and Other Orchids – Willis, J.C.N.
Coypu (Myocastor coypus) at Minsmere during the Frost of January and February, 1963 – Axell, H.E.
The Great Freeze – Curtis, G.E.
The Prehistoric Deer of the East Anglian Crag Deposits – Spencer, H.E.P.
Weather Report – Chapman, S.
Suffolk Bird Report for 1962 – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Pipistrelles; Yellow Necked Mouse; Fox; Stoats and Weasels; Grey Seals; Common Seal

Part 5 (1964)

The Contemporary Mammalian Fossils of the Crags – Spencer, H.E.P.
Avenua fatua, L. and other Graminae records for Suffolk – Trist, P.J.O.
Noctule Bats feeding on Cockchafers – Barrett, H.G. & Cranbrook, Earl of
Two Moths New to Suffolk – Aston, A.E.
An Amateur’s Approach to Photomicrography – Thomson, M.
Swallows at Martlesham – Lingwood, E.R.
Wessex Wings – George, W.S.
Our Flora and the Weather, 1962-63 – Simpson, F.W.
Some Botanical Notes, 1963 – Willis, J.C.N.
Suffolk Lepidoptera, 1963 (I) – de Worms, C.G.M.
Suffolk Lepidoptera, 1963 (II) – Chipperfield, H.E.
Suffolk Lepidoptera, 1963 (III) – Aston, A.E.
The Observers Book of Lichens - A Review – Willis, J.C.N.
’The Great Schwendener Controversy’ – Willis, J.C.N.
The Zoological Record
Notes and Observations: Bats; Badgers; Common Seals; Squirrels; Water Voles; Red Deer; Jackdaws and Sandpiper; Aphids; A Mediterranean Centipede; A Ringed Gull; Fighting Starlings; Nest-box Results; Latreille; Harvestman; Site of Special Scientific Interest; Physarum Cinereum; Two Hepatics; Calceolaria tripartita; Abutilon theophrasti; A Rare Fungus Parasite; The Mere Wainscot

Part 6 (1964)

Breckland Flora – Martin, D.J.
Some Observations on the Badger – Burke, N.
A Review of British Lepidoptera for 1963 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Notes on the Behaviour of a Hibernating Noctule (Nyctalus noctula) – Cranbrook, Earl of
Megaceros savini. A New Suffolk Crag Deer – Spencer, H.E.P.
Parasites from Mammals in Suffolk – Hutson, A.M.
Enterprising Stoats – Harrison, R.A.
Book Reviews-The Handbook of British Mammals ; King Todd ; The Tradescants – Cranbrook, Earl of, Martin, D.J. & Allan, M.
Publications Received
Suffolk Bird Report for 1963 – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Long-eared Bats; Bats in Snape Church; Hibernating Hedgehogs; Nest Boxes as Winter Roosts; Yellow-necked Mouse; Shews in Church; Harvest Mice; Viola lactea; Neottia nidus–avis; Tulips; A Heron Discomfited

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