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Volume 55 (2019)

The Diptera of Suffolk. Part 2: Bibionoidea and Sciaroidea – Vincent, P.
Diptera Report 2019 – Vincent, P.
A study of grasshopper glades at Center Parcs (Elveden Forest) – Gardiner, T. & Gardiner, J.
Aceria cerrea (Nalepa, 1898) a gall mite (Acarina: Eriophyoidea) on Quercus cerris new to Suffolk – Bowdrey, J.
Andricus lucidus (Hartig, 1843) (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae), The Hedgehog Gall, new to Suffolk – Bowdrey, J.
Marine Recorder Report 2019 – Broad, G.
Hymenoptera Recorder’s Report for 2019 – Knowles, A.
2018 Suffolk Butterfly Report – Stone, W.
Butterflies in Christchurch Park 2019 – Stewart, R.
Macro-moths recorded as new to Suffolk during the period 2014–18 – Deans, M.J.
Micro-moths new to Suffolk 2013–18 plus corrections to earlier additions to the County list – Sherman, N.
Bivalve and Gastropod shells in the Red Crag – further discussion – Mottram, H.
Suffolk Bryophytes, an update – Fisk, R.
The discovery and conservation of rare stoneworts in Suffolk’s farmland ponds 2019 – Hawkins, J.
Notes and Observations: Fire Bug Pyrrhocoris apterus ‘new’ to Suffolk.
Notes and Observations: Strandline shells found on Stour estuary – Broad, G.
Notes and Observations: Notes from Claude Morley’s Suffolk – Bull, A.L.
Obituary: Steve Goddard 1951–2019

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