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Volume 17 (1975–1978)

Part 1


The Suffolk Bird Report 1974 – Payn, W.H.
A Little Auk inland – Orr, D.M.S.
Avocets on the Minsmere Scrape – Axell, H.E.
Observations on the flora and origin of Redgrave and Lopham Fens, summer 1973 – Heathcote, S.A.
The fish of the River Stour, Suffolk – Kennedy, C.R., Burrough, R., Aves, C. & Landsberg, J.
A review of Lepidoptera in Britain during 1974 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Behaviour of a Bat Flying Over Water – Cranbrook, Earl of
Notes and Observations: Shrubland Park fungi; Blythburgh and Walberswick birds; Balea perverse; Daddy-long-legs, Pholeus phalangioides; Toad in Black-bird’s Nest; Suffolk Captures; Lizard Orchid Himantoglossum hircinum; Aderus oculatus; Anther Smut Ustilago violacea on Camplons; Wild Service Tree; Water Shrew; Squirrels; Yellow Necked Mouse; Roe Deer

Part 2


The Suffolk Bird Report 1975 – Payn, W.H.
The Passage of Waders and Terns Through West Suffolk – Last, A.J.
Moths of Redgrave and Lopham Fens – Pierce, C.W.
Observations on the Cryptic Behaviour of Machimus atricapillus (Fln.) (Diptera: Asilidae) – Irwin, A.G.
Suffolk Lepidoptera, 1975 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Some Records of Lepidoptera in Suffolk during 1975 – de Worms, C.G.M.
A Review of Lepidoptera in Britain during 1975 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Further Important Additions to the Suffolk List of Coleoptera – Nash, D.R.
More about the Lower Pleistocene Human Site at Easton Bavents – Collings, H.D.
Notes and Observations: Beaver; Roe Deer; Otter; Badger; Coypu; Grey Squirrel; A cosmopolitan psocid in Suffolk

Part 3


The Suffolk Bird Report 1976 – Payn, W.H.
Bird-Ringing Recoveries Affecting Suffolk 1959-1974 – Brinkley, J.O.
Minsmere Nature Reserve Bittern Breeding Census 1976 – Berry, R.
The Winter Bird Population of The King’s Forest – Last, A.J.
Bishybarnabees Col., (Coccinellidae) – Heathcote, G.D.
A Suffolk plan for otter conservation – Cranbrook, Earl of
Observations on the effects of the fire of 1973 upon the vegetation of Redgrave and Lopham Fens – Marks, M. & Swan, R.
Oak galls – Simpson, F.W.
Water Germander, Teucrium scordium (L) – Rutterford, M.G.
A century of change – Bull, A.L.
Suffolk Lepidoptera, 1976 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Camberwell Beauties, the scarce Chocolate Tip and other Lepidoptera in Suffolk during 1976 – de Worms, C.G.M.
A review of Lepidoptera in Britain during 1976 – de Worms, C.G.M.
A new Guillemot, Cepphus species, from the lower Pleistocene – Harrison, C.J.O.
Notes and Observations: Mammal Society’s Survey; 1977 Mute Swan Survey; Suffolk Biological and Environmental Records Centre; Gallant Soldier; Nightshade Family; Hog’s Fennel; Christmas Butterfly; Common Seal; Grey and Red Squirrels; Hedgehog; Long Tailed Field Mouse; Serotine

Part 4


The Suffolk Bird Report 1977 – Payn, W.H.
Breeding Bitterns at Minsmere 1977 – Berry, R.
Racial Hybridisation and its Effect on the movements of Bearded Tits ringed in Suffolk – Newton, J.
The Otter in Suffolk – Cranbrook, Earl of
Fritillaria meleagris at Micklefield, Suffolk – Trist, P.J.O.
Population Dynamics of the Cockle Cerastoderma edule in the Stour Estuary – Sharp, F.N.
The Concealed Chalk Surface of Mid-Suffolk – Notcutt, G.J.
A Longtailed Duck Clangula hymenalis from the Norwich Crag of Suffolk – Harrison, C.J.O.
Thermal Microclimates of the Redgrave and Lopham Fen Nature Reserve – Gay, A.P.
The Emperor Dragomfly, Anax imperator – Beaufoy, S.
Chelostoma campanularum Kirby, Hymenoptera – Milne-Redhead, E.
Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1977 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Suffolk Coleoptera: Corrigenda – Mendel, H.
Notes on the Suffolk List of Coleoptera: 1 - Carabidae – Nash, D.R.
Nature Conservation in the Churchyard – Bingley, F.J.
Notes and Observations: Grey Squirrels; Muntjac; Nebria salina; Movement of Red Admirals

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