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Volume 23 (1987)

Suffolk Birds 1986 – Warren, R.B.
Observations on the life-history of the Silver-studded Blue, Plebejus argus L – Mendel, H. & Parsons, E.
Comments and notes on some Suffolk moths in 1986 – Watchman, A.
The beetles (Coleoptera) of Flixton sand pit – Collier, M.
Caterpillars which feed on sugar-beet foliage – Thornhill, W.A.
Why were there so many Grain Aphids among the moths in my light trap? – Heathcote, G.D.
Non-marine Mollusca survey, 1986 – Killeen, I.J.
Limax valentianus Ferussac (Mollusea: Limacidae) new to Suffolk – Killeen, I.J.
Some recent Suffolk plant records – Hyde, E.M. & Simpson, F.W.
Changes in the Breckland – Rutterford, M.G.
Moonwort – an unusual fern – Heathcote, G.D.
Oxlips at Bulls Wood, Cockfield – Heathcote, G.D.
The distribution of Common Calamint (Calamintha ascendens Jord.) and Lesser Calamint (Calamintha nepeta (L.) Savi) in Suffolk – Hyde, E.M.
Additions and corrections made by Rev. W.M. Hind to his Flora of Suffolk – Simpson, F.W.
Megafossil plants from Suffolk: a review of the Pre-Pleistocene records – Pearson, H.L.
Norwich Crag at a site near Halesworth – Mottram, H.B.
Notes and Observations: Reed dagger moth p. 67; Strange flight of pheasant p. 67; Bird seed aliens p. 67; Arum introduction p. 68; Hybrid Symphytum p. 68; Noisy fungi p. 69; Stoats in ermine p. 70; BSBI survey p. 71; Pseudoscorpions p. 71

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