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Volume 51 (2015)

Of Mammals and Men: Monitoring the return of the Polecat to the ‘Far East’ – Birks, Johnny
Of Mammals and Men: Tracking down Suffolk’s Hazel Dormice: 15 years of detective work – Bullion, Simone
Of Mammals and Men: A Water Vole Species Recovery Plan for the Eastern Region – Tansley, Darren
Of Mammals and Men: The Hedgehog’s plight – Morris, Pat
Of Mammals and Men: Too many deer in the woods? Implications for birds and other wildlife – a synopsis – Fuller, Rob
Long term monitoring of bat boxes in Thetford Forest Park – Collins, A., Rivett, A. & Hooton, S.
Brandon Fungi 1959–2014 – change in stability and occurrence – Rackham, O.
Oulton Marshes – an aquatic invertebrate survey of the turf ponds and dykes – Chalkley, A.
2014 Butterfly Report – Stone, W. & Parker, R.
Comments and notes on some Suffolk Moths in 2014 – Prichard, A.W.
William Kirby (1759–1850): Eminent Suffolk Naturalist – Armstrong, P.
Notes and Observations: Update on Polecats in Suffolk – Bullion, S.
Notes and Observations: A very early record of Grey Squirrel in Suffolk – Lack, P.
Notes and Observations: Baranowskiella ehnstromi confirmed in Britain – Mahler, N.
Notes and Observations: Andrena florea Fabricius, 1793 new to Suffolk – Knowles, A.
Obituaries: George Thurlow

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