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Volume 11 (1959–1961)

Part 1 (1959)

Some Helminths from Fresh Water Birds in Suffolk – Beverley-Burton, M.
Suffolk Lepidoptera, 1958 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Some Details of the Life and Habits of the Digger Wasp Metacrabro quadricinctus – Boreham, H.J.
Bentley Woods and Claude Morley – Beaufoy, S.
Rare Moths – Waller, A.P.
Some East Suffolk Hover-Flies – George, W.S.
The Diptera of Suffolk – Aston, A.E.
Various Notes on Microlepidoptera – Aston, A.E.
Gall Midge New to Suffolk – Aston, A.E.
Some Old Time Suffolk Records – de Worms, C.G.M.
Sandpit Covert Marshes, Blythburgh, iii – Trist, P.J.O.
Flora of 3 ½ Miles of A45 – Mitchell, N.S.P.
Suffolk Grasses – Simpson, F.W.
Observing a Mole – Cranbrook, Earl of
Notes and Observations: Poisonous Bite of Water Shrew; Field Vole; Red Squirrel; Coypu; Mink; Seals in the Orwell; Mammals at Nacton; Small Mammals on Havergate Island; Parasites of Apodemus flavicollis; Duck Parasites New to Suffolk; Ringlet; Proliferous or Childing Pink; Tomato Moth; Camberwell Beauty; Queen Hornet, Myxomatosis in Suffolk

Part 2 (1959)

Iter Litorale – Gathorne-Hardy, R.
Weather Report
Collecting in 1958 – Aston, A.E.
The Life and Habits of the Solitary Bee Megachile ligneseca – Boreham, H.J.
Lepidoptera of 1958 – George, W.S.
A Review of British Lepidoptera – de Worms, C.G.M.
Some Non-Marine Mollusca from the lcenian – Long, D.C.
The Aldeburgh Transitional Crag – Spencer, H.E.P.
The Sizewell Crag – Spencer. H.E.P.
Notes on the Feeding Habits of the Long-Eared Bat – Cranbrook, Earl of
A Find in the Gipping Valley – Spencer, H.E.P.
Notes from Flatford Mill
Suffolk Willows – Simpson, F.W.
Suffolk Bird Report for 1958 – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Pigmy Shrew; Lesser Horse Shoe Bat; Bats in Women’s Hair; Long Tailed Field Mouse; A. sylvatica; Field Mouse’s Nest; Red Squirrel; Coypu; Mink; Red Deer; Fish Parasite; Aphilothrix sieboldin Hartig; Fungi; Endogenous Buds on Forsythia; Tunny Flounders in Freshwater; Plantago major

Part 3 (1960)

An Investigation of the Mud Fauna of the Stour Estuary – Bull, F., Honeyman, H. & Knott, S.
Prehistoric Mammalia of Suffolk – Spencer, H.E.P.
Eliminius modestus. – Collins, J.
Feeding Habits of Noctule Bats – Cranbrook, Earl of
County Flora Recordings – Willis, J.C.N.
Some Plant Records of 1959 – Willis, J.C.N.
Lepidoptera Rearing Notes, 1958-59 – Beaufoy, S.
The Meadow Brown Sex Ratios – Beaufoy, S.
Two Visits to Suffolk during 1959 – de Worms, C.G.M.
The Bedstraw Hawk Moth – de Worms, C.G.M.
The Waved Black in Suffolk – de Worms, C.G.M.
Lepidoptera at Waldringfield during 1959 – Waller, T.A.M.
Working a Mercury Vapour Moth Trap – Waller, T.A.M.
59 in the Sun – George, W.S.
Suffolk Lepidoptera 1959 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Some Habits of the Solitary Wasp Gorytes fargeii – Boreham, H.J.
Notes on Entomology – Aston, A.E.
Notes and Observations: Mole; Water Shrew; Bats at Street Lights; Bats in Women’s Hair; Netting Bats; Yellow Necked Mouse; Red Squirrel; Grey Squirrels; Seals on Scroby Sands; Porpoise; Swans; Humming-bird Hawk-moth; Solitary Wasp; House Crickets; Flame Wainscot; Fenn’s Wainscot; Some Old Records; Porcupine Man

Part 4 (1960)

Botanical Excursions in East Suffolk – Simpson, F.W.
Vegetative Proliferation of Grasses and Phyllody of Clovers – Trist, P.J.O.
Roosting Preferences of a Whiskered Bat – Cranbrook, Earl of
The Diptera of Suffolk – George, W.S. & Aston, A.E.
Review of British Lepidoptera for 1959 – de Worms, C.G.M.
The Virginian Colin or Bob White Quad – Tollemache, Lord
Notes and Observations: Artificial Distribution of Hedgehogs; Water Shrew-Mole; Pipistrelle; Bats in Women’s Hair; Bats under a Roof; Field Mice in Apple Stores; Yellow Necked Mouse; Grey Squirrel; Coypu; Mouse Hunt; Spiders; New Moth to Suffolk List; Moths and Butterflies; Entomology Notes; Hibernation of Comma Butterfly; Moth New to Suffolk; Queen Wasp; Some Habits of the Solitary Wasp; Rove Beetle; Carrots in Wood Pigeons’ Crops; Judas Tree; Snakes and Toads

Part 5 (1961)

The Waveney-Ouse Valley Fens of the Suffolk-Norfolk Border – Bellamy, D.J. & Rose, F.
Folding of the Ears of a Long Eared Bat (Plecotus auritus) – Cranbrook, Earl of
Birth of a Serotine Bat (Eptesicus serotinus, Schreber) in Captivity – Cranbrook, Earl of
Some Flora Records of 1960 – Willis, J.C.N.
Ecological Study of Fritillaria meleagris. – Trist, P.J.O.
Some Interesting Lepidoptera Captured in Suffolk during 1960 – de Worms, C.G.M.
The Diptera of Suffolk – George, W.S. & Aston, A.E.
1960 for Aberrations – Aston, A.E.
Three Additions to the Suffolk Lepidoptera – Aston, A.E.
Local Microlepidoptera – Aston, A.E.
Lepidoptera Rearing Notes, 1959-60 – Beaufoy, S.
A Plague of HoverFlies – George, W.S.
Suffolk Lepidoptera, 1960 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Suffolk Bird Report for 1959 – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Mammals of Havergate Island; Serotine Bat; Water Rat; Water Rats Eating Poplar Roots; Red Squirrel; Coypu; Mink; Seals on Scroby Sands; Common Seal Pup in November; Bat Parasites; New Publication

Part 6 (1961)

Supplement to the Final Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Suffolk – Aston, A.E.
Review of British Lepidoptera for 1960 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Suffolk Bird Report for 1960 – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Pipistrelles in Church; Feeding Habits of Bats; Yellow Necked Mouse; Coypu; Stoats and Weasels since Myxomatosis; Chinese Muntjac Deer in Suffolk; A Beetle Parasite on a Bat; Brittle Starfish; Parasite on a Daubenton’s Bat; Amaranthus bouchonii, Thell.

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