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Volume 2 (1932-1934)


Part 1 (1932)


Editorial: Our Coy Badgers – Morley, C.
Great Squids – Taylor, M.R.
Some Field-Notes on Birds – Murrell, H.C.
British History of the Moth, Fidonia limbaria – Platten, E.W.
A Relic of the Glacial Sands – Fowler, W.
The Mammals of Suffolk – Ticehurst, C. & Andrews, H.
On Zoological Classification – Elliott, E.A.
The Diptera of Suffolk: First Supplement – Harwood, B.S.
Historic Narwhal Tusks – Collings, D.W.
Birds-nesting in the Ipswich Neighbourhood – Powell, T.G.
Some Sea Saws – Herrington, J.
A Retrospect of Suffolk Naturalists – Morley, C.
Geology Bibliography


Part 2 (1933)


Editorial: Our Active Museums, The Society's Comital Records
On the Distribution of Trout in Suffolk, with Observations respecting its Economy – Andrews, H.
Luminous Centipeds – Morley, C.
A Naturalists' Biography: Mr John Davey Hoy, 1797-1839 – Brook, W.A.
The Fishes of Suffolk – Collings, D.W.
On the Stone Curlew or Norfolk Plover – Bird, G.
The Hemiptera of Suffolk: First Supplement – Morley, C.
The Pleistocene Site of Ipswich – Moir, J.R.
On plumage of the Gannet – Doughty C.G.
Entomological Captures about Dunwich – Blair, K.G.
Some Local Plant galls – Ellis, E.A.
Evolution – Elliott, E.A.


Part 3 (1934)


The English Black Rat as Disseminator of Disease – Taylor, M.R.
Birds nesting around Bury St Edmunds – Burrell, F.
On Platymischus dilatatus, Westw., parasite of a Seaweed Fly – Morley, C.
The Reptiles of Suffolk – Rope, E.J.
A New British Plant and a New Vice-county Record – Airy-Shaw, H.K.
Ornithology in north-east Suffolk – Cook. F.C.
A Table for Naming Bivalve Shells of the Crag, with Revised List of the Species – Morley, C.
East Suffolk Magpies – Bird, G. et al.
The Crustacea of Suffolk: Part 1, Podopthalma – Anon
Bird-ringing – Mayall, A.
On Faunistic Coloration – Elliott, E.A.

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