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Volume 53 (2017)

A review of the solitary bees (Hymenoptera) of Suffolk – Knowles, A.
An investigation into the foraging resources of the solitary bee Lasioglossum sexnotatum (Kirby, 1802) (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) – Knowles, A.
Hymenoptera Recorder’s Report 2017 – Knowles, A.
The Trichoptera of Suffolk. The Morley Collection and Post Morley Records – Chalkley, A.
Diptera Report 2017 – Vincent, P.
2016 Suffolk Butterfly Report – Stone, W.
Can Hazel Dormouse habitat be quantified by nesting behaviour? The influence of vegetation diversity and structure – Jackson, H.
Marine Recorder’s Report 2016 and 2017 – Broad, G.
Notes and Observations: Keep an eye out for this cellar spider new to Suffolk – Lee, P. & Garrod, R.
Notes and Observations: Oil Beetle discovery on the cliffs in Erwarton Bay – Gardiner, T. & Gardiner, J.
Notes and Observations: Butterflies at Sutton Hoo – Stewart, R.
Notes and Observations: Suffolk bryophytes 2016 – Fisk, R.
Obituaries: Dr. P.E. Long, B.O. Tickner

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