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Volume 41 (2005)

Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: Contents and Introduction – Dixon, R.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: A new approach to Earth Heritage Conservation in Suffolk The Suffolk Geodiversity Project – Holt-Wilson, T.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: The Westleton Beds – a case for RIGS – Mottram, H.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: RIGS for Geography Education – Markham, C.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: Sizewell B Crags – an ‘unavailable geological site’ – Markham, R.A.D.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: Some Unusual Local Building Stones – Dixon, R.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: Some Pleistocene problems in Suffolk – Allen, P.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: An impact scenario for the Colchester Earthquake of 1884 – Weston, A.
Geosuffolk RIGS meeting: Field excursion – The Nacton Shore – Markham, R.A.D.
An abnormal Thornback Ray Raja clavata with additional pectoral fins – Ellis, J.R.
Antlions – habitat and history – Kirby, E.J.M.
The Wasps and Bees (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) of Rampart Field and West Stow Country Park in Suffolk – Archer, M.E.
Sturmia bella (Meigen) (Diptera: Tachinidae) an interesting addition to the Suffolk list – Nash, D.R.
Noctua orbona (Hufnagel) Lunar Yellow Underwing larval surveys in the Sandlings during 2002 to 2005 – Prichard, A.W.
Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera: 12 Twenty-seven species new to the Suffolk list with significant records from the year 2004 – Nash, D.R.
Comments and notes on some Suffolk moths in 2004 – Prichard, A.W.
Plant recording in 2004 – Sanford, M.N.
2004 Butterfly Report – Parker, R.
Suffolk Rare Plant Register – Sanford, M.N.
Notes and Observations: Egg for breakfast – George, W.S.
Notes and Observations: Aculeate Hymenoptera Recorder’s Report for 2003–4 – Knowles, A.
Notes and Observations: Spider Recorder’s Report, 2004 & Other Arthropods Recorder’s Report 2004 – Lee, P.
Notes and Observations: A wild giant horsetail hybrid hunt – Sanford, M.N.
Notes and Observations: Observations on a Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio machaon L. in Ipswich, 2004 – Stewart, R.G.
Notes and Observations: The Small Copper ab. caeruleopunctata RÜhl in Suffolk, 2004 – Stewart, R.G.
Notes and Observations: Some recent bryophyte records for 2003–4 – Fisk, R.J.
Notes and Observations: Golden Hoverer – Sanford, M.N.
Notes and Observations: Butterflies around Framlingham, 25 July–6 August – Aston, A.

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