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Volume 15 (1969–1972)

Part 1


Some Observations on Foxes – Burke, N.
Butterflies in Suffolk – Beaufoy, S.
Mammal Records – Cranbrook, Earl of
The Defence of Aphids against Predators and Parasites – Heathcote, G.D.
Bracken Regression on an East Suffolk Heath – Garrett-Jones, R.
Rare or Unusual Fish, 1968 – Blacker, R.W.
A Review of British Lepidoptera for 1968 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Counts of Animal Corpses on East Suffolk Roads – Nicholson, P.
Kingfishers Unusual Nesting-site – Copping, R.J.
Suffolk Bird Report 1968 – Payn, W.H.

Part 2


Suffolk County Flora - Suffolk Flora Committee
Suffolk County Flora – Simpson, F.W.
Hedgerow Survey – Green, E.C.
Distribution of Deer in Suffolk – Cranbrook, Earl of & Payn, W.H.
Weather at Ipswich in 1969 – Simpson, F.W.
Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1969 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Suffolk Butterflies from 1945 – Beaufoy, S.
The Clifden Nonpareil and other interesting Lepidoptera in Suffolk during 1969 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Notes on Needham Market Lepidoptera, 1969 – Pierce, C.W.
Moths of Redgrave and Lopham Fens, Third Report – Pierce, C.W.
Moths in a Sudbourne Garden – Pease, H.
Gold Medal Wood, Great Glemham – Cranbrook, Earl of
A Contribution to the Geological History of Suffolk, Part 4 – Spencer, H.E.P.
Notes and Observations: The Five-bearded Rockling; The Education Committee of the Suffolk Trust for Nature; Butterflies in West Suffolk; Feeding Roost of the Long-Eared Bat; Squirrels at Higham; Grey Squirrel spreading; Subfossil Red Deer; Parasitic Worm new to Suffolk; A New Alien?; A Correction

Part 3


Mapping the Distribution of Freshwater Fish in the British Isles – Maitland, P.S.
Caddis Flies – Heathcote, G.D.
Distribution of Deer in Suffolk, Part 2 – Cranbrook, Earl of & Payn, W.H.
The White-Speck Wainscot in Suffolk with notes on its range and occurrence in the British Isles – de Worms, C.G.M.
A Review of Lepidoptera in Britain during 1969 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Suffolk Bird Report for 1969 – Payn, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Tit Incubating Acorns; Red Squirrel in North Suffolk; Grey Squirrel; Grey Squirrels at Rougham; Kestrel ‘Following’ Plough; Blackbird Kills Blackbird; Owl Kills Owl; Viper; Sub-Fossil Snails; Gold Medal Wood

Part 4


Barberry Carpet Moth – Pierce, C.W.
Former Suffolk Naturalists – Martin, D.J.
Claviceps purpurea on Wild Grasses – Simpson, F.W.
A Contribution to the Geological History of Suffolk, Part 5 – Spencer, H.E.P.
Survey of Suffolk Crag Exposures: 1953-1959 – Spencer, H.E.P.
Some Records of Lepidoptera in Suffolk during 1970 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1970 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Needharn Market Lepidoptera in 1970 – Pierce, C.W.
The Conservation of Roadside Verges in Suffolk – Pierce, C.W. & Ranson, C.E.
The Hover-flies (Syrphidae) of Gromford Meadow, Snape – George, W.S.
Suffolk County Flora
Moths of Redgrave and Lopham Fens, Fourth Report – Pierce, C.W.
Fungus Foray, Dunwich Forest – Simpson, F.W.
Weather at Ipswich, 1969 – Simpson, F.W.
Notes and Observations: Grey Squirrels; Pheasant attacking Duck; Bat Survey; Speckled Wood in Suffolk

Part 5


The Heathlands of the East Suffolk Sandlings – Armstrong, P.H.
A Review of British Lepidoptera for 1970 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Conservation of Reptiles and Amphibians – Steward, J.W. p 434
Abundance of Aphids and some Insects that prey on them in Suffolk, as shown – catches on Sticky Traps – Heathcote, G.D.
Festuca glauca Lam. and the var. caesia (Sm.) K. Richt Blue or Grey Fescue – Trist, P.J.O.
Coleoptera taken during 1970 from Arable Fields at Haughley Research Farms – Harding, P.J.
A Monoecious Salix babylonensis at East Bergholt – Girling, A. & Wilkinson, A.
The Suffolk Otter Survey – West, R.B. & Nicholson, P.
A Stoat goes Supperless – Last, A.J.
Suffolk Bird Report for 1970 – Payn, W.H.
Savi’s Warbler Breeding in Suffolk – Jobson, G.J.

Part 6


Gnawed Bones from the Crag and Forest Bed Deposits of East Anglia – Sutcliffe, A.J. & Collings, H.D.
Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1971 – Chipperfield, H.E.
Some Records of Lepidoptera in Suffolk During 1971 – de Worms, C.G.M.
Snails in Archaeological Excavations – Cranbrook, Earl of
Barberry Carpet Moth, Second Report – Pierce, C.W.
Coccinellid Beetles on the East Coast – Heathcote, G.D.
Suffolk County Flora – Simpson, F.W.
A Contribution to the Geological History of Suffolk, Supplement – Spencer, H.E.P.
Notes on Some Suffolk Crag Localities – Markham, R.A.D.
Notes and Observations: Badger in Fritton Wood; A Plant New to Suffolk; Molluscs at Redgrave Fen; Red Squirrel

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