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Volume 31 (1995)

Deer: corrections and update – Chapman, N.G.
Notes and comments on some Suffolk moths in 1994 – Hall, M.R.
The Suffolk garden butterfly survey, 1994 – Stewart, R.G.
Some Suffolk pyralid moths – Aston, A.E.
Observations of the Small Copper butterfly at Tangham, Autumn 1994 – Stewart, R.G.
Conserving the Barberry Carpet moth in Suffolk – Sibbett, N.E.
Notes on Suffolk Shieldbugs – Hubbard, A.C.
The woodlouse Stenophiloscia zosterae – first record since 1977 – Daws, J.
Some recent Suffolk plant records – Hyde, E.M. & Simpson, F.W.
New East Suffolk records of wild roses – Hyde, E.M.
A selection of Mrs Irene Vaughan's records of the wild roses of Suffolk – Hyde, E.M.
Cochlearia danica L on Suffolk roadsides, up-dated to 1994 – Hyde, E.M.
Sea Hog's Fennel (Peucedanum officinale L.) in Suffolk – Simpson, F.W.
Unspotted Lungwort, Pulmonaria obscura Dumortier – a native species in Suffolk – Birkinshaw, C.R. & Sanford, M.N.
Elytrigia repens (L) Desv. ex Nevski subsp. arenosa (Spenner) A. Love – Trist, P.J.O.
Puftballs, Earthballs and Earth Stars – Heathcote, G.D.
Non-local sponge cherts – descriptions and significances – Mottram, H.B.
Notes and Observations: Butterflies at Framlingham in early August – Aston, A.E.
Notes and Observations: Transfer of the 'Landguard Herbarium' – Hyde, E.M.
Notes and Observations: Holly blue butterflies – Stewart, R.G.
Notes and Observations: Shoulder-striped Clover Moth, Heliothis maritima, ssp. warneckei Bours. or ssp. bulgarica Draudt in East Suffolk – Aston, A.E.
Notes and Observations: New woodlice for Suffolk – Daws, J.
Notes and Observations: More orchids from seed – Sanford, M.N.
Notes and Observations: Abundance of the Silver Y Moth – Stewart, R.G.
Notes and Observations: Fascinated by fungi – Heathcote, G.D.
Notes and Observations: A hole new world? – Daws, J.

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