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Volume 5 (1942–1945)


Part 1 (1942)


Argynnis Dia, A Butterfly new to Suffolk – Vinter, H.
The Coelomycetes of Suffolk (Second List) – Mayfield, A.
Suffolk Memories: A Poem – Chevalier, L.H.S.
On our Plume Moths (Pterophoridae) – Murray, D.P.
An Old Suffolk Naturalist: Mr Garrett Garrett – Garrett, J.R.
Golden Hoverer-fly New to Britain – Morley, C.
News for Naturalists


Part 2 (1943)


A Suffolk Collection, 1791–1857 – Frohawk, F.W.
The Total Living Fauna of Suffolk – Morley, C.
The Rust-fungi of Suffolk: Additions – Mayfield, A.
Neanderthal: A Poem – Chevalier, F.
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Part 3 (1944)


Residents or Migrants? – Wiltshire, E.P.
Some birds of the Suffolk coast – Cook, F.C.
A decade of Crag work – Morley, C.
Daddy-longlegs new to England – Hocken, M.
Poplar Fly unrecorded in Britain – Morley, C.
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Part 4 (1945)


The Fauna of an Ipswich Meadow – Green, E.C.
Suffolk Swallow-tails in 1945 – Morley, C.
The Diptera of Suffolk: Family i, Liropidae – Morley, C.
   The Diptera of Suffolk: Family ii, Tipulidae – Hocken, M.
An old Suffolk Naturalist: Norton Burroughs Garrard – Garrard, N.B.
An Ichneumonid new to science – Morley, C.
The origin of Species: A new song – Anon.
News for Naturalists

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