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Volume 56 (2020)

Otter diet along the upper Little Ouse – Langston, R. & Rivett, A.
Three species of Cecidomyiidae – new additions to the Suffolk Diptera checklist – Bowdrey, J.P.
Amphibians and Reptiles on roads in northeast Suffolk – Baker, J.M.R.
The Parson Naturalist in Suffolk – Armstrong, P.H.
Marine Fishes of the south-western North Sea – Broad, G. & Ellis, J.R.
The Cladocera of Suffolk – Chalkley, A.
The Diptera of Suffolk. Part 3: Psychodomorpha, Ptychopteromorpha and Culicomorpha – Vincent, P.
Diptera Report, 2020 – Vincent, P.
Suffolk Hymenopterists and their associates – Knowles, A.
Aculeate Hymenoptera Recorder’s Report 2020 – Knowles, A.
2019 Suffolk Butterfly Report – Stone, W.
A review of moths in Suffolk 2019 and new additions to the county list from previous year not yet reported – Sherman, N.
Elm in a Bury St Edmunds housing estate – Sibbett, N.
Name changes in Stace’s New Flora of the British Isles – Sanford, M.
Elizabeth Knipe Cobbold - Georgian Geologist – Markham, C.J.K. & Markham, R.A.D.
A Geological Field Guide to Harkstead, Suffolk – George, W.H.
Notes and Observations: Grey Squirrel – a retraction – Lack, P.
Notes and Observations: A Nearctic Rhagoletis fruit fly in Suffolk – Higgott, J.B.
Notes and Observations: Andrena bucephala (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae) new to Suffolk – Ferris, M.
Notes and Observations: A study of land adjacent to Picton Avenue, Ipswich TM167463 – Stewart, R.
Notes and Observations: A Lizard Orchid in Ipswich – Sanford, M.
Notes and Observations: A new native plant found in Suffolk.

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