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Volume 3 (1935–1937)


Part 1 (1935)


Physical aspects of Suffolk: Jurassic to Oligocene – Engleheart, F.
On the local Niobe butterfly – Waller, T.N.
Missing, Doubtful, New or Otherwise Interesting Flora of the County – Simpson, F.W.
An ungainly Kingfisher – Bird, G.
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part i – Morley, C.
Some Coleopterous remains in Peat thrown up on the East Anglian Shore – Blair, K.G.
The Rust Fungi of Suffolk – Mayfield, A.
Faunistic Coloration: A letter – Wiltshire, E.P.
Priority: A letter – Lapis Sacer
On Birds nesting around Bury St Edmunds – Ticehurst, C.B.
Report of the Raptorial Birds Committee


Part 2 (1936)


On the 1936 Defoliation at Beccles – Goldsmith, E.T.
Recent Birds round Lowestoft – Cook. F.C.
Critical Notes on Our Beetles – Elliott, E.A.
Gleanings from a Botanist's Diary – Simpson, F.W.
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Part ii – Morley, C.
On our Crossbills – Last, C.S.
Two days among the Butterflies of Suffolk – Button, D.T.
The Plants of a Silted Pond – Cranbrook, Lord
Hunting Elephants in 1936 – Paget Wilkes, A.H.
News for Naturalists


Part 3 (1937)


Our first irregular memoir – Morley, C.
A Naturalist's Biography: Frank Norgate c. 1840-1919 – Nurse, E.J.
On the Hawkmoth Deilephila nerii and its Braconidous Parasite – Broughton Hawley, W.G.
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Final Part – Morley, C.
Suffolk Five-fingers and Associate Plants – Simpson, F.W.
The Rotifer of Suffolk: Preliminary List – Morley, C.
The Bryozoa of Suffolk: Preliminary List – Morley, C.
Recent Birds round Lowestoft – Cook. F.C.
On Ants' methods of communication – Wragge Morley, B.D.
The Mutton Bird: A letter – Ullswater
Boars in the Wild: A letter – Andrews, H.
News for Naturalists

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