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Volume 1 (1929–1931)


Part 1 (1929)


Editorial: Beauty spots and uglification, Pollution of the River Gipping – Morley, C
Our sphere of Activity – Morley, C. et al.
An Apollo butterfly on the Suffolk coast – Vintner, C.H.S.
Suffolk shore birds – Doughty, C.G.
Cedars at Campsea Ash – Ullswater, Lord
The Dragonflies of Suffolk – Morley, C.
Brown-tail Moths – Morley, C.
An Old Ipswich Naturalist of 1850 – Woolnough, F.
Birds' communal nesting – Greaves, C.
The Lepidoptera of Suffolk – Waller, A.P.
New localities for local moths – Whittingham, Bishop
Catalogue of British Oxyura – Morley, C.
Our Exotic Botany – Platten, E. W.
The need of a new outlook on our countryside – Waller, A.P.


Part 2 (1930)


Editorial: Exact natural science in Suffolk, The Hooker Memorial, Our Trees – C. Morley
Portugese Men-of-war – Cooper, Doughty, Laver & Taylor
On the formation of the Waveney Valley – Fowler, W.
Star-fish and Sea-urchins, with List of local species – Lombard, G.
The Orthoptera of Suffolk – Morley, C.
Jottings about our Mammals – Andrews H.
Molluscan 'Witches' at Slaughden – Doughty, C.G.
The Photography of Ground-nesting Birds: A new method – Sherwood, E.C.
Some moths of 1930 – Anon
Fossil Hunting in East Anglia – Morley, C.
On Suffolk Earth Worms – Mayfield, A.
The Coleoptera of Suffolk – Elliott, E.A.
On Larval Filaments in the Eyed Hawk Moth – Moore, J.L.
Edible Fungi – Waller, A.P.


Part 3 (1931)


On Draining the North Sea – Engleheart, F.H.A.
An annotated list of Vertebrata occurring about Euston beside the Suffolk Breckland – Caton, R.B.
On a Pine Sawfly and its Parasites – Robbins, J.C.
Bird Notes in 1931 from a Buxhall Garden – Harvard, C.E.
The Neuroptera of Suffolk – Morley, C.
On some Fossil Mammals from Western Suffolk – Andrews H.
Note on the Earthquake of 1931 – Bland, F.L.
Species of Plants New to Hind's Flora – Burn, R.
An Assembly of Deer's Bones – Murrell, H.C.
The Sea-Midge and its Larva – Morley, C.
Palaeontology – Elliott, E.A.
Report upon the Dutch Elm Disease in Suffolk – Morley, C.

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