Species Records

The main product of the data enquiry service is a spreadsheet containing records of "Protected, Locally Scarce and Rare Species".

Our "Protected, Locally Scarce and Rare Species" database is currently (2016) nearly 85,000 records in size, and like the schedule 9 database covers a period of the last 20 years (1996 - 2016). The layers within our data enquiry service also only include records of tetrad (2 km grid) or greater accuracy and data has been filtered to remove duplicate species so that only the most recent record of a species at a particular point is given.

Protected Species Spreadsheet...enlarge... The data included within our "Protected, Locally Scarce and Rare Species" database includes information on BAP, Suffolk Rare plants and legally protected species - including Badgers, Bats and Great Crested Newts. We hold information on all major taxonomic groups, which means we are the "one-stop-shop" for biological data in Suffolk, so there is no need to contact anyone else.
Please enlarge the spreadsheet to the left to see the range of information you will receive for each record.

Protected Species Map...enlarge...

The customer will also recieve a (pdf) map that shows the record locations (for grid references of 6 figure or greater accuracy) for the protected species, along with schedule 9 species and veteran/notable/ancient trees.

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