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Antiquarian books

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Highways and byways in East Anglia cover

Dutt, W. A., Highways and byways in East Anglia (London, 1901).

The Vocabulary of East Anglia cover

Forby, R., Turner, D. & Spurdens, W. T., The Vocabulary of East Anglia, 3 Vols. (London, 1830).

An account of the flowering plants of Harleston cover

Galpin, F. W., An account of the flowering plants of Harleston (London,1888). 

Notes or jottings about Aldeburgh cover

Hele, N. F., Notes or jottings about Aldeburgh (London, 1870)

The Flora of Suffolk

Hind, W. M., The Flora of Suffolk (London, 1889).

History of Framlingham cover

Loder, R., History of Framlingham (Woodbridge,1798).

The Coleoptera of Suffolk cover

Morley, C., The Coleoptera of Suffolk (Plymouth, 1899).

he Hemiptera of Suffolk cover

Morley, C., The Hemiptera of Suffolk (Plymouth, 1905).

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk. Part 1 cover

Morley, C., The Hymenoptera of Suffolk. Part 1 Aculeata (Plymouth, 1899).

The Lepidoptera of Suffolk cover

Morley, C., The Lepidoptera of Suffolk (Beccles, 1937).

Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society Transactions cover

Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society Transactions vol. 1 (1896) – vol 51 (2018). On Biodiversity Heritage Library.

British Mammals 1920

Thorburn, A., British Mammals (London, 1920).

Botanist’s guide through England and Wales cover

Turner, D. & Dillwyn, L. W., Botanist’s guide through England and Wales (London, 1805) Suffolk pp.536–76.

Five hundreth pointes of good husbandrie cover

Tusser, T., Five hundred pointes of good husbandrie (London, 1573, reprinted 1812).