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What does biodiversity duty mean?

Biodiversity affects every one of us because it is truly cross-cutting, relating to social, health and economic issues.

Natural England Protected Species list

You can view or download the list of species protected by UK legislation from the menu on the left.

Public bodies can show successful implementation of the Duty if:

  • Biodiversity is integrated throughout all policies and activities.
  • Staff understand how biodiversity issues relate to their own decisions.
  • The organisation supports local biodiversity initiatives, such as Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service and the County Wildlife Site system.
  • Biodiversity is protected and enhanced in line with statutory nature conservation obligations.
  • The organisation has access to professional ecological expertise and up-to-date biodiversity information.
  • The organisation reports on progress towards achieving national and local biodiversity targets.



  • Artificial Otter Holt (Sue Hooton)
  • Putting up bat boxes (Sue Hooton)