Volume 9 Parts 1-4 1954-1956
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The Chalkhill Blue. Beaufoy, S.

Notes on Rearing Lepidoptera . 1954. Beaufoy, S.

Lulworth Skipper. Beaufoy, S.

Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary. Beaufoy, S.

Coccinellidae: Lady Birds. Boreham, H. J.

Hadena compta and other Captures on Suffolk Coast in 1954. Richardson, A.

Frosted Yellow. Goldsmith, E. T.

A Rare Pyralid. Waller, A. P.

Moths at Light in 1954. Waller, A. P.

Notes on Lepidoptera, 1954. Chipperfield, H. E.

The Diptera of Suffolk (continued). Edited by Aston, A. E.

Chest-spot on Long-tailed Field Mouse. Cranbrook, Earl of

Young Field Voles from Birth to Weaning. Cranbrook, Earl of

Blythburgh Marshes. Trist, P. J. O.

Sea Club Rush. Ward, T. B. & Trist, P. J. O.

Doubtful, Extinct and Uncommon Flora in Suffolk. Simpson, F. W.

Changes in Bird Population of Suffolk, 1900-1950, Pt. II. Hervey, A. C. C.

Fossil Voles. Cranbrook, Earl of

Weather Report, April 1953 to June 1954. Wilson, R. R.

Spathius exarator-Large Wainscot in Suffolk-Large Thorn in Suffolk-Collecting Beetles-Male Green Arches Pseudoscorpiones-Primula vulgaris-Doronicum pardalianches-Saxifraga granulata-Geranium phaeum-Potentilia recta-Silver or Pendent Lime-Common Mallow-Fem Propagation-Bank Vole Badger-Harvest Mouse - Coypu in West Suffolk-Coypu at Blythburgh-Records of Mymomys -Sub-littoral Fauna of Felixstowe Bay-Domestic Cat and Catmint-Cats, Raspberry and Rice-grass. Notes

British Lepidoptera for 1954. de Worms, C. G. M.

Lepidoptera associated with the Eastern Counties. de Worms, C. G. M.

Notes on Rearing Lepidoptera. Beaufoy, S. p 106

Entomological Problems. Beaufoy, S.

Life and Habits of the Solitary Bee. Boreham, H. J.

White-Mouthed Digger Wasp. Boreham, H. J.

Two Rannies. Downing, P.

Mollusca of Bobbit’s Hole. Davis, A. G.

Geology of Bungay District. Funnell, B. M.

The Weather. Boreham, H. J.

Weather Report, July, 1954 - March, 1955. Wilson, R. R.

Suffolk Birds Report for 1954. Cobb, F. K.

Bird Ringing at Walberswick.

Visible Migration in the Lowestoft area.

Breeding behaviour of Mistle Thrushes.

Water.Shrew Feeding-Badger-A Late Leveret-Seasonal Migration of Hares-Red Squirrel-Yellow-necked Mouse- Albino Rats-Field Vole-Coypu-Trematodes-Sarnoucile's Entomological Cabinet-Wryneck Survey-The Bullfinch- Corvus Mendax-Medicago minima-Potentilla argentea- Mosses and Liverworts Notes

Myxomatosis in East Suffolk. Haslam, I. & Newell, N. W.

The Suffolk Crag. Baden-Powell, D. F. W.

Crag Pits in Chillesford, Butley, Sutton. Spencer, H. E. P.

Little Cornard Brick Pits. Engleheart, F. H. A.

On Geology Around Ingham. Funnell, B. M.

On Collecting in Suffolk in 1955. Chipperfield, H. E.

On Collecting in Suffolk in 1955. Waller, A. P.

On Breeding of White-Banded Carpet. Chipperfield, H. E.

A Collecting Trip in Eastern Counties, 1955. de Worms, C. G. M.

A Few Days in Suffolk, 1955. de Worms, C. G. M.

On Rearing Lepidoptera. Beaufoy, S.

Some Interesting Captures. de Worms, C. G. M.

Observations. Beaufoy, S.

Life and Habits of Common Digger Wasps. Boreham, H. J.

Life and Habits of Silver Spring Digger Wasps. Boreham, H. J.

Uncommon Flora of Suffolk. Simpson, F. W.

Lower Abbey Farm Marsh. Mitchell, N. S. P.

Ferns in Suffolk. Beaufoy, A.

Sand Covert Marshes. Blythburgh Trist, P. J. O.

Notes from the New Forest. Burton, P. J.

On Behaviour of Great Black-backed Gulls. Cobb, F. K.

Weather Report. March - September, 1955. Wilson, R. R.

Suffolk Natural History Club, 1855-Cuscuta epithymum- Verbascum thapsiforme-Ratweed-Hawthorn Webber- Wheat Fen-Dactylis glomerata-Fem Propagation-Scots Pine Seedlings-Scirpus maritimus-Fasciation in Spear Thistle Fasciated Flowers-Devil's Dyke Fungi at Chillesford-Hydnum coralloides-Yellow Necked Mouse -Stoat- Breeding of Stoats-Heron Frozen in Pond-Spiders New to Suffolk. Notes

Mammals of S.W. Suffolk. Payn, W. H.

Distribution of Yellow-necked Mouse. Chandler, N. & Heffer, A.

British Macro-Lepidoptera, 1955. de Worms, C. G. M.

Butterflies Observed in Suffolk in 1955. George, W. S.

Cement Stone at Nacton and Septaria Generally. Engleheart, F. H. A.

Crag Palaeontology, Pt. 1. Cambridge, P. G.

Botanical Section. Trist, P. J. O.

Weather Report. Wilson, R. R.

Suffolk Bird Report for 1955. Cobb, F. K.

Sun Pillar-Halos-Noctule-Serotine-Long-eared Bat- Rabbit-Yellow-necked Mouse-Long-tailed Field Mouse Wild Rabbit-White Mice-Sacrifice of a Toad-Blind Well Shrimp-Puff Ball-Woodpeckers at Work-Coast Erosion-Hoxne Investigation. Notes