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Freshwater Algae

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Tassel Stonewort
Tassel Stonewort

Tassel Stonewort Tolypella intricata

Stoneworts are a very ancient group of aquatic plants: they are complex algae that look similar to higher plants. It is yellowish-green in colour and is often encrusted with chalky deposits giving it a crusty feel. Image: Walter Wimmer (iNaturalist).

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Very little work has been done on this group apart from the Stoneworts (Characae) which are recorded by some botanists. A start has been made on producing a County checklist. Intricate Tolypella has been included in the County BAP and a site for the species in the county has been designated as a County Wildlife Site.

Major Publications

Book cover

A Flora of Suffolk. Sanford & Fisk (2010 Out of print)

The discovery and conservation of rare stoneworts in Suffolk’s farmland ponds 2019. J. Hawkins

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