Volume 24 December 1988
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A whale in the River Stour. Mendel, H.

The current status of Nightjar, Stone Curlew and Woodlark in the Suffolk Brecks. Moore, D. R.

Unusual perching behaviour by Tawny Owls. Martin, J. R.

Hobby taking Migrant Hawker Dragonflies. Piotrowski, S. H.

A survey of the Reptilia and Amphibia of Suffolk. Jones, M.

Comments and notes on some Suffolk moths in 1987. Watchman, A.

Suffolk dragonflies. Mendel, H.

Ants, aphids and Black Currants. Parsons, E.

A defence mechanism of aphids: can we turn it against them? Heathcote, G. D.

Monochamus sutor (L) (Col. Cerambycidae) a foreign longhorn beetle. Gibbons, N.

The centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata (Linn), a new record for Suffolk. Beaumont, A. & Went, S.

The vegetation of Shingle Street, Suffolk in relation to its environment. Randall, R. E.

Some recent Suffolk plant records. Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.

Additions and corrections made by Rev W. M. Hind to his Flora of Suffolk. Simpson, F. W.

A new Bramble for Suffolk. Bull, A. L.

The Leopard Marsh Orchid. Sanford, M. N.

An uncommon hybrid orchid, Dactylorhiza × transiens. Milne-Redhead, E.

New records of fossil conifers from Suffolk. Pearson, H. L.

Norwich Crag at Hill Farm pits, Wangford. Mottram, H. B.

The gale of October, 1987. Heathcote, G. D.

A Suffolk Bedstraw. Simpson, F. W. p 98

'Hen & chickens' daisy. Simpson, F. W. p 98

Garden plants on Wortham Common. Hyde, E. M. p 97

Strange flight of Pheasant. Simpson, F. W. p 97

An Arum Lily introduction. Simpson, F. W. p 97

Fungi in an Ipswich garden. Simpson, F. W. p 98

Grass Snake at West Stow. Stebbings, R. E. p 99

An unusual gall. Milne-Redhead, E. p 100

Stoat in ermine. Moore, D. R. p 99

Bird-seed aliens. Hyde, E. M. p 101

An interesting moss. Wanstall, P. J. p 101

Cuckoos and larvae of the Ground Lackey Moth. Piotrowski, S. H. p 102