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Suffolk Argus

The full list of articles published in the Suffolk Argus from 2011.


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Title Page
Branch contacts 3
Editorial 5
Theberton Wood – John Lepley 6
Events 2022 9
Honeysuckle Project – Davis Dowding 14
Newsround 14
In Search of Scotch Argus – Kev Ling 16
Clouded Yellows – Robert Quadling 17
In Search of Swallowtails – David Tomlinson 18
Irony – Trevor Goodfellow 19
Wind Beneath the Wings – Jane Henderson 20
The Wall Butterfly at Somerleyton – Richard Stewart 21
Nectar Sources for Garden Butterflies – Richard Stewart 21
Pupal Problem – Sandra Holmes 22
Request for Argus Index – Peter Maddison 23
Moth Traps 23
Editor’s Book Review – Trevor Goodfellow 24
Big Butterfly Count 2021 24
Title Page
Branch contacts 3
Editorial – Trevor Goodfellow 6
Chair’s Report – Peter Maddison 7
Situations Vacant – Twm Wade 8
Newsround 9
Events Report 10
Recording at Somerleyton – Peter Maddison 16
Walkers Wanted – Twm Wade 17
Orange-tip experiment – Sandra Holmes 17
Garden nectar sources – Richard Stewart 20
Wildflower seed pack update – Jane Henderson 22
Moth-er nature Moth trap experiences 24
Title Page
Bill Stone’s Retirement – Peter Maddison 2
Branch contacts 4
Editorial – Trevor Goodfellow 5
Butterfly information board at Westerfield station – Peter Maddison 6
What happened to the A14 project – Twm Wade 6
How can you help improve the lot for butterflies – Twm Wade 7
Gene Flow – Fiona Plenderlieth 8
Burgh House Farm for wildlife – Bill Mayne 9
Tick Information – BC HQ 11
Encounters with Apollos – David Tomlinson 12
2020 Suffolk Butterfly Report 13
Garden nectar sources for butterflies – Richard Stewart 23
White admiral observations – Kev Ling 23
Northern Impersonator – Steve Holmes 25
The last days of Summer – James Mann 26
Photo finish – Kev Ling 27
Newsround 28
Title Page
AGM & Committee roles – Peter Maddison 3
Branch contacts 4
Editorial – Trevor Goodfellow 6
Chair’s report – Peter Maddison 7
BC Fundraising 9
2021 Moth sightings and recording – Neil Sherman 9
Theberton Wood 10
Events calendar 13
Garden nectar sources – Richard Stewart 17
Two decades of butterfly recording – Derek & Valerie Soper 18
News items 19
Books 24
Ask Iris 26
Title Page
County Recorder and AGM 3
Branch contacts 4
Editorial 5
Lock-down observations 7
Private Investigations – Mark Brewster 10
Green Hairstreak Observations – Kev Ling 11
DC Moth Trap – Trevor Goodfellow 12
Garden Nectar Plants – Richard Stewart 14
Wildflower Seed Project – Kev Ling 14
Wildflower Seed-Pack-Feedback 19
When to Mow a Meadow – Rob Parker 21
Approximate Flight Periods 22
Searching for Purple Hairstreak Larvae – Mark Searle 23
Hornet Moths – Trevor Goodfellow 23
Small Heath Conundrum – Andrew Leng 24
Strawberry Tree – Richard Stewart 24
Wall Browns at Somerleyton – Lilian Pitt 25
Variations of Aricia agestis in Suffolk – Rob Parker 26
Newsround 27
Ask Iris 29
Wordsearch 30
Title Page
Editorial 3
Branch contacts 4
2019 Suffolk Butterfly Report – Bill Stone 5
Residents & migrants 6
Other species 8
Recording coverage 9
Scarcity 13
Earliest & latest 14
Trends 15
Annex D1 distribution maps 2019 17
Annex D2 distribution maps 2015-2019 24
BAP species 32
Title Page
Branch contacts 4
Wildflower Seeds 5
The Suffolk Argus 5
The 2019 AGM – Peter Maddison 6
Branch Accounts – Kev Ling 8
Suffolk Moth Group New Website – Steve Woolnough 9
Beryl Johnson – Richard Stewart 10
In Search of British Butterflies – Liz Cutting 11
Events Calendar 13
Common Birdsfoot & SSB – D. & J. Dowding 18
Every Little Helps – Twm Wade 19
Available WCBS sites – Twm Wade 20
Observations – James Mann 22
Oak Processionary Moth – James Mann 22
Snippets 23
Garden nectar plants – Richard Stewart 24
Sweet Rocket – Jane Leng 24
Light trapping – Trevor Goodfellow 24
More snippets 25
Recommended reading – Trevor Goodfellow 26
Title Page
Branch contacts 4
Editorial – Trevor Goodfellow 5
The Brimstone Saga – Alan Beaumont 6
On the Frits – Trevor Goodfellow 7
Summer of 19 – Trevor Goodfellow 8
Painted Ladies – David Tomlinson 9
Dukes of Bedfordshire – Trevor Goodfellow 10
Snippets to Intrigue – Rob Parker 11
Butterfly Aberrations – Rob Parker 12
Garden Nectar Plants for Butterflies: D is for Dandelion and Dames’ Violet – Richard Stewart 13
Charaxes Jasius – James Mann 13
A Nectaring Plant new to us – Derek Soper 14
Breeding Brimstones – Jane Henderson 15
One man went to mow – Julian Dowding 17
2019 Events Reports 18
News Round 23
Title Page
Branch contacts 4
Editorial – Trevor Goodfellow 5
Suffolk Moth Group – Peter Maddison 5
In Memory of Steve Goddard – Richard Stewart 6
2018 Suffolk Butterfly Report – Bill Stone 7
SBR Annex A 15
SBR Annex C 16
Sizewell C - A Prime Site for Lepidoptera – Rob Parker 17
Garden Nectar Plants for Butterflies 20
Black Hole – Twm Wade & Bill Stone 21
News-round 22
Event Report June 19 – Trevor Goodfellow 23
Charaxes – David Tomlinson 25
Title Page
Branch contacts 4
Editorial – Trevor Goodfellow 5
The 2018 AGM – Peter Maddison 6
The 2019 AGM 7
SBC accounts 7
WCBS Twm Wade 8
Search for Wall brown at SWT Carlton Marshes – Peter Maddison 9
SWT Farmland survey – Juliet Hawkins 10
Do you want to find out more about butterflies? – Peter Maddison 12
2019 Events calendar 13
Ask Iris 17
All a flutter – Rohan Amick 18
Butterfly of the year? – Richard Stewart 18
An Invitation to watch butterflies – Rob Parker 19
The Wall brown – Robert Quadling 21
Thanks – Twm Wade 22
Casual observations of butterfly habits during 2018 drought – Trevor Goodfellow 22
Garden nectar plants for butterflies – Richard Stewart 23
A new Suffolk butterfly: a brief update – Bill Stone 24
The herald of spring – Kev Ling 25
Title Page
Important Branch Post 3
Branch Contacts 4
Editorial 6
Community Matters 7
Photographic Competition 7
BC Event 8
Early Fliers 9
Tour of Duty 10
Search for Glanville Fritillary 11
Weather or Not 12
Mimicry in Butterflies 14
Fake News 14
Slippery Slope 14
Bad News for Hairstreaks 15
New Threat to Elm 15
Good Wasps 15
A Few Thoughts on Lawns 16
Planting for Butterflies 17
Garden Nectar for Butterflies 18
Common Foodplants 19
Unexpected Abundance of Red Admirals 20
A14 Project Update 21
Title Page
An important Branch post to become available 3
Branch contacts 4
Editorial – Trevor Goodfellow 6
Field events 8
Suffolk butterfly report – Bill Stone 9
Urban Buzz – David Dowding 20
Brimstone and buckthorn – Kevin Ling 21
Purple hairstreak – Richard Stewart 21
Moths and moonshine – Deborah Vass 22
White-letter hairstreak and Silver-studded blue tetrad maps 24
Title Page
Branch Contacts 4
Editorial 5
Jim Foster 6
Accounts April 2016 - March 2017 7
Calling for Butterfly Recorders 8
Shifting Sands Heritage Lottery Project 9
Recorders for WCBS Squares 10
Recording at Dunwich & Minsmere 11
A Request for a Transect Recorder 11
Box Bothering Moth 12
Events 2018 13
Purdis Heath SSSI 17
Conservation Day of Action Saturday 10th March 2018 19
Butterflies of Christchurch Park 19
Clouded Yellow on Purdis Heath 20
Red Lodge Heath SSSI in July 21
Open Garden at Priors Oak 2017 22
Twitching for the Elusive Butterflies 23
Events Round Up 24
On my Travels for Butterflies - Devil’s Dyke, Cambs 26
AGM Photograph Competition Class 2 Winners 28
Letter from the High Sheriff of Suffolk6
A14 Project, Newmarket7
Urban Buzz9
Belstead’s Nature Reserves10
Observations on the Small Heath12
Observing a Silver-washed Fritillary12
Shrike at Work13
Butterfly Thieves14
Events Round Up14
A future Suffolk Butterfly16
Title Page
Contacts 4
2016 Suffolk Butterfly Report 5
Elm - the only host plant for the White-letter Hairstreak 18
Butterflies in Christchurch Park, Ipswich 20
AGM and Photographic Competition 20
On My Travels for Butterflies 21
Success in Crete 22
Growing Native Plants in the Garden6
The Elephant at the bottom of the Garden12
Field Scabious12
Prior’s Oak Open Day13
Wild Ipswich14
Book Review16
European Conservation Action Network17
European Interests Group19
A butterfly holiday your partner will enjoy19
Life Cycle of the Orange-tip21
Branch Contacts4
New Members5
Membership Secretary6
Garden Plants & Butterflies7
The Swallowtail Garden at Strumpshaw8
Small Copper & WCBS10
Bonny Wood Event11
Painted Lady Migration12
Cabbage White12
Memorable Moments13
Wolves and Ramsey Woods14
Lord of the Mountains16
Purdis Heath SSSI20
Title Page
Editorial 3
Branch Contacts 4
New Members 5
AGM & Events 6
2015 Suffolk Butterfly Report 7
Gardening for Butterflies 20
Autumn Butterfly Nectar Sources 21
Plant a Pot for Pollinators! 22
Why I Volunteer 23
Green Hairstreak 24
Theberton Wood site guide 25
Book review 27
Events & Visit reports 28
Holly Blue 32
Title Page
Editorial 3
New Members 5
Branch Contacts 6
Balance Sheet 7
Purdis Heath SSSI Update 8
WCBS – How was 2015? 11
Look out for Suffolk Tigers 12
Recording – And not just Butterflies 13
British Butterflies 14
The Spread of the Geranium Bronze Conservationists are optimists 16
Are Neonics Destroying our Butterflies 17
Hummingbird Hawkmoth 18
Summer Nectar Sources 19
Gardening for Butterflies at Flatford 20
iRecord Butterflies 21
Basking on Bark 22
BC Members Holiday Offer 22
Title Page
Branch Contacts 4
New Members 5
Suffolk’s Improving Butterfly Diversity 6
Orange-tip egg laying behaviour 9
Garden nectar plants - Spring 10
Mystery caterpillar identified 11
The Colonisation Continues 12
Moth Trap Building 12
Event Reports 14
Title Page
Branch Contacts 4
New Members 5
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey 5
2014 Butterfly Report 6
Purdis Heath SSSI Update May 2015 18
Notes on the Photos of Day-flying Moths 20
AGM 20
Photographic Competition 21
Six of The Best in 2014 - Part Two 22
New Beginnings 23
Seventy-Four Years Later 23
Farmers Do Listen - Sometimes! 24
Branch Contacts5
New Members6
Butterfly Haiku7
Hibernating Peacocks9
Observations of Red Admirals10
You Never Know...12
Six Of The Best13
The Wall Brown14
The Purple Emperor at Theberton15
A Lost Opportunity, Connectivity and Hope16
New Beginnings18
Attracting Butterflies to your Garden19
Gleanings from the Internet21
Day-flying Moths and Caterpillar Recording22
Butterfly Quiz24
Title Page
Contact 4
New Members 5
Want to get involved a little bit 7
Purdis Heath update 8
Small Heath at Martlesham 9
Clouded Yellows 10
The Arrival of gorganus 11
Letters to the Editor 12
BC Sightings of non-native butterflies and moths 14
The Natural History Museum 16
The Monarch Migration 17
Across the Border-Kelling Heath 18
Field Events 20
Scarce (Yellow-legged) Tortoiseshell in Suffolk 2014 22
Title Page
Large Tortoiseshell 2
Editorial 3
Suffolk Branch Contacts 4
New Members and 2013 Membership Report 5
2013 Butterfly Report 6
Butterfly Conservation by Recording Sightings 11
Brimstone and Buckthorn Update 2014 13
Suffolk Branch Events 14
The Purple Emperor in Suffolk 2013 15
The Purple Project 31
Variations of the Brown Argus in East Anglia 33
Hibernating Butterflies 34
Small Tortoiseshell 34
Title Page
Branch Contacts 4
Editorial 5
Events 2014 5
Suffolk Butterflies 2013 7
An Enigmatic Variation 8
Ipswich Heaths Project 9
A View from the Bridge 12
Chalkhill Blue Returns 13
The Dinghy Skipper 14
Blaxhall Silver-studded Blue Update 15
The Wall in 2013 17
Garden Buddleja 18
The Clouded Yellow 18
Event Report 19
Greenwings Balkan Holiday 20
Branch Contacts4
Ipswich Heaths Project6
Rocking Gently7
Purple Hairstreak, Brown Argus, Comma & Long-tailed Blue9
Recording at Northfield Wood10
Some notes from the AGM11
Branch Accounts12
Late Summer Butterflies at Alton Water13
Visiting the Monarchs15
The Birdfair16
Book Review17
Brimstone and Buckthorn Initiative18
Visit to South Cumbria19
Title Page
Dingy Skipper - Good News! 4
Volunteers Needed 4
2012 Butterfly Report 5
Butterflies in Christchurch Park 9
A Shorthand System for Recording Butterflies 10
Recording Butterflies 12
Buddleja 13
Event Reports 14
One Day at Wheatfen 16
Serious Decline of Wall in Suffolk 16
Bow to you Lady 17
Contacts 19
Events July - September 20
Title Page
New Members 3
Contacts 4
Editorial 5
Brimstones and Buckthorn update 6
Buckthorn aftercare 7
Early sightings 7
Purdis Heath 8
Mimics, Monarchs and Miracles 10
Magical week of ‘mothing’ at Minsmere 12
2012 - Some Personal Observations 13
Where do butterflies spend the winter? 14
The Net Result 16
Close Focus Binoculars 16
Migration mystery solved 17
White Admiral Dispersal 18
Final Accounts 20
Balance Sheet 21
Away Weekend in Sussex 22
Events 2013 26
Title Page
New Members 3
Contacts 4
Editorial 5
Silver-washed Fritillary 5
2012 Butterfly Conservation Report 7
Red Admirals 9
Changes to the Website 10
Volunteer work parties at Purdis Heath 11
Butterfly Aberrations 11
Olive Crescent 12
Pakenham Wood 13
The Sussex trip 14
Rendlesham, Tangham & Upper Hollesley Common 15
North Downs 16
Late Season Foray 17
Black Hole Surveys 18
Where are all the Butterflies 19
How the season changed! 19
Wildlife Edge 21
Hill-topping 22
What to do in winter 24
Greenwings Butterfly tours in 2013 24
Title Page
New Members 3
Editorial 4
Events Programme 5
2011 Butterfly Report 6
Wall Brown Survey: 2011 Results 10
Wider Countryside Butterfly Surveys 12
Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth 14
The Butterfly Isles 15
Black hole survey 16
Olympic Stadium wildflower meadows 17
Butterfly Nets Again 18
Butterflies of Europe for iPhone 19
Greek Island Odyssey 20
Title Page
New Members 3
Branch Contacts 4
Editorial 5
Notes for Butterfly Recorders 6
Events Programme 10
Brimstone & Buckthorn Update 12
Nowton Park 13
Progress at Purdis Heath 15
Grass Management Project 16
Butterfly Nets Again 18
Surrey Downs, Betchworth to Dorking 19
The Grayling Colony At Winterton 21
Neonicotinoid Insecticides 22
County Moth Night 24
Butterflies of the Peloponnese 26
Earliest and Latest 28
Finding Purple Hairstreaks 29
Title Page
Editorial 3
New Members 5
2011 Butterfly Conservation Report 6
Christmas is coming.... 7
Brimstones and Buckthorn 8
Purdis Heath 9
Moth Notes 11
2011 A Personal Response 12
Interesting Behaviour 12
Butterflies in Ipswich 13
White-letter Hairstreak at Pipers Vale 13
Swallowtail Open Day, Wheatfen 14
Hadleigh Railway Walk 15
Walk around Eyke 16
Black Holes Bash 17
West of Our Border 18
Lyme Disease 20
Butterfly Photography 21
White-letter Hairstreaks 23
Ragwort Hysteria 26
Accounts 28
Branch Contacts 29
Greek island odyssey 30
Title Page
Suffolk Branch Contacts 4
Editorial 5
That Was The Spring That Was! 6
The Wall Brown Survey 8
The Importance of Butterfly Branches 9
Brimstones & Buckthorn 10
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey 12
Big Butterfly Count 12
Event Reports 13
Black-veined Whites and Cepes 17
Book Review 19
Plants for Summer Nectar 20
Branch Events Diary 21
Suffolk Branch Contacts4
Purdis Heath Restoration Project6
Brown-tail moth9
Silver-washed Fritillary10
Social Media12
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey12
Ano Paroia, Greece13
Kerkini diary14
Butterflies: A Very British Obsession21
Too Late to Decide22
Silver-studded Blue update (France)23
A Flavour of Rhodes25
Wall Monograph26
Title Page
Editorial 4
2010 Butterfly Report 5
Work Parties on Heathland Habitat 7
Late ovipositing Brimstone 8
Spread of the White Admiral 8
Migrants in 2010 9
Distractions 10
Dark Sky Dancing 11
Writing a best-seller 12
Britain’s Butterflies 2nd Edition 13
The Butterflies of Britain & Ireland 15
Good News...and not such good news 16
Totternhoe Quarry and Knolls 17
Walk around Eyke 18
Open Day at Priors Oak, Aldeburgh 19
Open Day at Scotland Place Farm 20
Dunwich Forest 23
Kerkini diary 24
Lake Kerkini in June 2011 28
North of the Border - In search of Swallowtails 29
Title Page
Editorial 3
2009 Butterfly Report 4
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey 2009 8
Purple Hairstreaks in an Ipswich Garden 15
Roosting Orange-tip 16
Butterflies and Water 17
Decisions 17
International Symposium 18
Field Meetings 20
2006 - A Year of Grand Surprises 22
Martlesham Heath 25
Remaining Events of 2010 26
What’s In a Name? The Painted Lady 27
The Great Apollo Hunt. Epilogue 28
Editorial Copy Date 30
Title Page
Editorial 4
Butterfly Conservation Report - 2009 5
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey 2009 6
Painted Ladies Again 7
Second Brood Peacock Larvae 7
RSPB North Warren and Aldringham Walks 8
Gleanings 10
Field Meetings 11
On Chesil Beach 16
Monitoring in Dunwich Forest 16
Devon Carpet 17
Thwarted by Foxhunters 18
Grayling in 2009 20
White-letter Hairstreaks 21
National Field Meetings Programme 21
Earliest and Latest Suffolk Records 22
Extended Seasons 24
Small Heath Monograph 26
Title Page
Editorial 4
AGM and Transect Walker Wanted 5
Fritillaries on the Downs 6
Gleanings from the Events Programme 7
Progress in the Brecks 8
What a Difference a Year Makes 10
Field Meetings 12
White-letter Hairstreaks 15
RSPB Lakenheath Fen Reserve 16
Letter to the Editor 18
Reply 19
Gleaning from near and far 20
White Admiral Monograph 22
Title Page
Editorial 3
Filling the Black Holes 4
Butterfly Futures in Dunwich Forest 5
Martlesham Heath Fire 6
Five days with the Painted Ladies 7
Butterfly Roosting Behaviour 8
Field Meetings 9
Future Events 15
How large is your garden list? 17
Rushmere Common 19
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey 19
Silver-studded Blue and its Ants 20
White-letter Hairstreak Monograph 21
Title Page
Editorial 3
Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey 4
Garden Moths Count 2009 6
Butterfly Hotspots 7
Field Meetings 9
South of the Border 2 11
Harlequins and Brimstones 13
Suffolk Branch Accounts 14
Letter 16
Autumn Butterflies 18
Monographs for the UK BAP Species 20
Dingy Skipper Monograph 20
Title Page
Editorial 3
A Season to Forget 5
A Fynn Valley butterfly year 6
Field meetings 8
Roosting Orange-tip 14
The Dingy Skipper in Suffolk 15
No Nettles Required 17
Grey Carpet and Grayling in the Brecks 18
Title Page
Covering letter 3
Record of Re-establishment proforma 4
Report on 2007 Translocation 6
Blaxhall Common map 10
The role of Ants 13
Targets for Success 14
Codes & Guidance 15
Suffolk Branch Contacts 17
References 18
Distribution List 19
Forester Moth - go green in 20082
News in brief5
Annual report for the Suffolk BAP species for 20066
Transect walking in Suffolk11
A Fynn Valley butterfly year15
Field reports and records16
Countdown 2010 Project update17
Hairstreak tales18
Sixty years of Clouded Yellows19
Silver-studded blues news4
News in brief7
Suffolk butterfly report 20068
Walking a butterfly transect16
Field reports and records18
Spring and summer surprises20
Review: Pentax Papilio binoculars21
A bit of alchemy and some wasp mimic moths22
Title Page
Editorial 3
A Golden Autumn 5
Branch Accounts 6
Safety Code 8
Wider Countryside Monitoring 9
Wot's yow seying oar kid? 9
Field Meetings 11
A Hairstreak Moment 21
Hot Spots for Butterflies 2 22
Footnote of the Grayling 22
Camberwell Beauty Invasion of 20064
Brimstone Behaviour7
Visit to South Cumbria8
Help Wanted12
New Butterfly Book13
Visit to Exning and Fulboum Fen Nature Reserve14
Tortoiseshell Nostalgia16
Butterfly Days DVD18
Graylings in Suffolk4
2005 Butterfly Report6
Annual Report on Silver-studded Blue 20058
Dingy Skipper Survey 200511
Early and Late Records Update14
Hot Spots for Butterflies15
My Net Reaction16
When did you last see a Wall Brown or Small Heath17
Open Gardens Poster18
Safety Code4
Field Meetings 20055
The Use of Nets13
Annual General Meeting 200514
Accounts 2004/0515
Update on the Purple Hairstreak16
New Sites for Four Spotted Moths17
Butterfly Books at Bargain Prices18
What I did for my Birthday20
Devil's Dyke Transects Notes 200522
Arger Fen and Tiger Hill4
Monks Wood6
Oaken Wood and Denbies Hillside7
Moth Night at West Stow10
Silver-studded Blue Workshop11
Ickworth Park12
Bentley Old Hall Wood12
National Moth Night at Wordwell13
Tattingstone and Alton Water14
Purple Hairstreaks15
My Favourite Butterfly17
The Butterflies and Moths of Martlesham Heath18
From the Train20
In Memoriam Donations22
Awards for Us3
Suffolk Branch Draft Rules4
Another Ipswich Swallowtail7
Butterfly Report 20048
Butterflies of Suffolk, Purple Hairstreak13
It Warms you Twice14
A Walk in the Forest15
South of the Border16
Migrants at Aldeburgh18
50 Butterfly Walks in Somerset & Bristol19
Poetry Page20
Bravo for Buglife22
Display Boards, any suitable venues?3
Safety Code4
Field Meetings 20045
Annual General Meeting 200415
New Online Guide to Suffolk Moths17
Buddleia and Butterflies at Priors Oak18
Garden Observations – 200419
Birds of a different colour20
In Defence of Insects22
Title Page
Editorial 3
Lord Henniker – an appreciation 3
Regional Officer's Report 4
2004 Field Meetings 5
From Oak to Ovum 14
Swallowtail Day at Wheatfen 18
A new species of moth to Britain discovered in Suffolk 19
Small Tortoiseshells along the Suffolk Coast 20
Nightingales, Butterflies and Chapel St. Luc 21
Bargain Books3
Local sightings 20034
2003 Butterfly Report4
Blue Morpho Report13
Which Habitat Preferred?14
Return to Jujols for the Spanish Festoon16
Scrub Clearance at Purdis Heath18
The Butterfly Man18
When it's Spring Again19
Butterflies Down Under20
24 Species in One Day22
Dingy Skipper Survey 20043
Safety Code4
Field Meetings 20035
Book Review11
Annual General Meeting12
Update on the Suffolk Branch Action Plan for Moth Species (Part 2)14
My First Walk in the Pyrenees19
Butterfly Aberrations in 200321
Insect Records from Summer 200322
Regional Officer Eastern Region – Report4
BAP Butterflies Report5
A Chalkhill Blue in Suffolk7
Brimstone Butterflies breeding in Ipswich8
Brimstone & Buckthorn in an Ipswich Garden9
Friend or Foe10
Winter Weather in the South of France 2001/200211
Butterflies in Moth Traps12
2003 Field Meetings12
Review of Three Butterfly Books21
Legacy Request22
Eastern Regional Officer makes a Start4
Butterfly Report for 20025
Why Monitor Butterflies8
Your Society Needs You10
Update on the Suffolk Branch Action Plan Moth Species (Part 1)12
The Great Apollo Hunt Last Verse16
Planning Decisions17
Recording Opportunities18
Garden Notes19
Scrub Clearance at Purdis Heath20
A Relic of Warren Heath21
Go Green – Recycle22
Safety Code/Newsflash4
Field Meetings 20025
Annual General Meeting12
Sandlings Walk14
Butterfly Conservation Report for 200215
The Great Apollo Hunt: Episode 416
Deer and Butterflies18
Climate Change and Future Recording20
Atlas of Norfolk Butterflies – A Further Appraisal22
Work Party at Purdis Heath4
Field Meetings 20025
The Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner11
Holywells Meadow12
Small Tortoiseshell Attacked by Parasites14
The Rise and Fall of the Holly Blue17
The Suffolk Show, July 200218
Top Twenty Plants for your Garden20
The Great Apollo Hunt: Episode 321
Norfolk Butterflies22
Climate change makes some Butterflies less fussy3
Butterfly Report for 20014
The Red Admiral in Suffolk 20016
Silver-studded Blue Counts July 20018
A Perfect Day9
Goodbye Colchester Road10
The Great Apollo Hunt: Episode 212
What a Funny Place to Find a Butterfly13
The Suffolk Butterflies in Churchyards Survey 200114
Two-tailed Pasha Update19
Snippets from BC HQ20
Sheep's Cheese and Large Fritillaries21
Butterflies in Ipswich22
Safety Code4
New Garden Survey5
Field meetings 20016
Moth Conservation Officer's Report for 200115
Purple Hairstreaks at the Priory16
The Great Apollo Hunt17
A Cautionary Tale18
Plants for the Suffolk Show18
A Tale of two Churchyards18
Hunting Hairstreaks20
The Millennium Atlas of Suffolk Butterflies22
More illustrations wanted3
Field Meetings 20014
Poetry page11
The Heather Beatle and its possible effect on the Silver-studded Blue12
Holywell/Kissing gate lane meadow, Ipswich13
Moths in recent literature14
Review of jewels in the air14
Anne's Jardin Sauvage16
Large Tortoishells and Small Eggars17
Annual General Meeting 200119
Rhodes and its Butterflies21
Early & Late Dates4
Field Trips 20005
Why the 'J' in Buddleja6
One of my favourite places in France7
A rarely seen event – observations of the White-Letter Hairstreak9
Some insect associations10
Clouded Yellow 2000 Tetrad Map12
Small Skipper or Essex Skipper14
The Clouded Yellow in Suffolk: 200019
Butterflies in Churchyards22
2000 Autumn GM3
Churchyard Survey4
Suffolk Branch Accounts5
Safety Code6
The Devil's Dyke7
Deadly Lavender9
2000 Field Trips10
Butterfly Report for 200019
Friend or Foe22
Brimstones and Buckthorn: 2000 Update4
Programme 20015
Butterflies at Ipswich Golf Club6
Chalkhill Blues on the Devil's Dyke7
2000 Field Trips8
Cleopatras and Swallowtails17
So what now, fellow butterfly watchers?18
Review of two butterfly videos21
National Members Day and AGM22
Annual General Meeting 20004
Branch Accounts/Action for threatened moths project5
New committee/Surveys7
Hibernating butterflies8
Autumn General Meeting9
1999 Field Trips11
Small Heath Aberration12
Butterflies in Suffolk: 199913
National Moth Night14
Suffolk Moth Group Events15
My favourite patch16
Silver-studded Blues, Aldringham Walks18
Magic moments in a place of tranquillity19
Down the Stallode Wash to Botany Bay20
The 2000 AD Programme3
Annual General Meeting4
Buddleja varieties4
1999 Field Trips5
Eggars, Lackeys and Emperors9
A good day in the garden12
The late Sam Beaufoy14
My local patch15
Twenty species in two hours!16
Notes from the Editor3
Silver-studded Blues in Suffolk: Past, Present and Future5
The White Admiral Experience9
1999 Field Trips10
Promotional Events 199918
Early and late butterfly records19
Blossom Underwings in East Anglia20
Favourite Spots: Suffolk Water Park21
A Lone Marbled White in Suffolk22
Notes from the Editor3
1999 Annual General Meeting/Accounts4
My first butterfly of 19995
1998 Field Trip to Sussex (Day 2)6
Suffolk Moth Group events 19998
Large and later still9
A Duke or a Duchess10
Early and late butterfly records11
The Emperor's Diet14
The Wall Brown in Suffolk17
Mapping European butterflies (by lncernet)18
Notes from the Editor3
Annual General Meeting4
Publicity Officer – vacancy4
The Butterflies of Hockley Wood5
Lengthy Roosting of Holly Blue on Juniper tree7
1998 Field Trips7
In the Heat of the Day16
Sylvestris or Lineola?16
The Queen of Spain Fritillary at Minsmere RSPB Reserve18
The Butterfly Year 199819
Blackbird Predation of Peacock Caterpillars21
Butterfly Attracting Plants22
Notes from the Editor3
Members Evening Quiz Night4
The Suffolk Show 19984
The Sandlings Group5
1998 Field Trips7
Observations of a Roosting Common Blue14
Working together: Carton Marshes15
A Butterfly Historian16
Encounter with a Death's Head Hawkmoth17
Hornet Predation18
Seaching for Larvae of the Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth19
Butterfly Line21
Update on the Alexandra Park Butterfly Garden22
Notes from the Editor3
Moth Notes3
1998 AGM & Accounts4
The Emperor's dietary supplements5
Large and late6
1997 Field Trips7
More observations about the Speckled Wood11
Bracken for butterflies12
Butterfly bonus13
What's that white?15
Children: An untapped resource18
1998 – Annual General MeetingCover
Notes from the Editor3
Members Evening 19973
Steve Goddard5
Suffolk Show 19985
Invertebrate recording at Minsmere6
1997 Field Trips7
New species for the Suffolk Moth check list12
A new way of saying no12
Butterflies in Suffolk – 199713
Observations of the Queen of Spain Fritillary 199716
National Trust Family Fun Day17
Book Review: The colour identification of caterpillars of the British Isles17
Additional Moth Nights for 199818
1998 – The Year of Gardens & ButterfliesCover
Notes from the Editor3
RDB Codes3
Plants List4
A Weekend in the West: a thank you4
Wanted: Plastic Pots5
Suffolk Show Review5
1997 Field Trips6
Dog dirt has its day11
Butterflies or moths?12
Why do moths fly in Winter?14
Observations on the Peacock Butterfly15
Butterfly Gardening16
Supermarket visitors17
Book review: Natural History of Moths18
Members Evening InvitationCover
Notes from the Editor3
1997 Annual General Meeting4
The Future of the Branch5
1996 Field Trips6
Spotlight on the Purple Hairstreak9
1997 Field Trips10
Eastern Region FWAG Conference11
Sugaring for Moths12
Suffolk Moth Group/List14
Members Evening, 16th November 19963
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Regional Action Plan (RAP)5
1996 Field Trips6
My Butterfly Trips to Cumbria10
A Report on Suffolk Butterflies 199612
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Watching Purple Hairstreaks17
Chalkhill Blue Butterfly in Suffolk18
Members EveningCover
Notes from the Editor3
1996 AGM & Accounts4
Roger (Moth) Kendrick6
1996 Field Trips7
The Landrover Woodlands Campaign10
Encounter with a Beautyl0
Suffolk Show is a Big Success11
Hornet Predating Small Tortoishell11
Biodiversity & Suffolk Branch12
The Millennium Survey14
Spectacular Migrants16
What a Summer for Garden Butterflies17
The Suffolk ShowCover
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Members Evening4
1995 Field Trips5
Which Lycaenid8
The Millennium Butterfly Survey 199510
Butterfly Garden Nectar Plants13
Photo Album/Display Board Appeal14
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The Suffolk Show3
Notes from the Editor4
1995 Field Trips6
Holly Blue larvae & Black Garden Ants12
Rare Butterflies in Suffolk- 199514
The 'late' Painted Lady16
Wanted – Brown Hairstreak & Photographs17
Recording New Sites17
Butterfly Garden Nectar Plants18
Member's Evening Cover
Notes from the Editor4
The Suffolk Show6
1995 Field Trips8
Swallowtail Memories13
Question Time14
The Secrets of Suffolk's Butterfly Gardens16
Christmas Gift18
Suffolk ShowCover
Sandlings Public Open Space3
Summer Lilacs5
1994 Field Trips – The Final Chapter6
Away from home – Warton Crag8
Members Evening 27thJanuary 199511
Rare Butterflies in Suffolk 199414
Identification of Moths16
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Early Butterflies21
A Butterfly Watcher's Field Kit22
Suffolk Butterflies in 199424
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Late Butterflies1
Field Trip: Little Baddow Heath3
Field Trip: Catfield Fen4
Field Trip: Lineage Wood5
Suffolk Garden Butterfly Survey – 19946
A Silver-studded Mystery ?7
ButterflyNet & Millennium Project8
An Introduction to Moths10
1994 AGMFront Cover
Prize Winner1
Target Species for 19941
Suffolk Garden Butterfly Survey – Richard Stewart3
Butterfly Watching – Jenny Kelsey4
The National Moth Conservation Project – Paul Waring7
Suffolk Hawk Moths – Mervyn Crawford9
A Northerner in Suffolk – Steve Doyle12
Favourite Spots – Steve Goddard14
Branch LaunchFront Cover
Late Butterflies3
Common Blue Butterflies at Sizewell4
A Beginner's Guide to Butterfly Watching5
The Future of our Woodlands7
Butterfly Action Day 19939
The Decline of Butterflies in Suffolk11
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