Latest Records

The following list of records includes verified records and those awaiting verification of species groups you are interested in which have been recently added in your area.

Species Site name Grid Ref Date Recorder
Dysmachus trigonus | Fan-bristled Robberfly
Purdis HeathTM21242801/07/2021David Basham
Lasiopogon cinctus | Spring Heath Robberfly
Purdis HeathTM21242628/04/2021David Basham
Lucanus cervus | Stag Beetle
WoodbridgeTM2682503729/07/2021Holly Maclean
Notoxus monoceros | Monoceros Beetle
Boyton CPTM3801473727/07/2021Gary Lowe
Nephrotoma flavipalpis
Boyton CPTM3801473526/07/2021Gary Lowe