Light pollution is key 'bringer of insect apocalypse'

Light pollution is a significant but overlooked driver of the rapid decline of insect populations, according to the most comprehensive review of the scientific evidence to date. Artificial light at night can affect every aspect of insects’ lives, the researchers said, from luring moths to their deaths around bulbs, to spotlighting insect prey for rats and toads, to obscuring the mating signals of fireflies. Read more on The Guardian website >


Bat Conservation Trust podcast

Launched on 20 November, BatChat is the Podcast from the Bat Conservation Trust which has been created and produced by Steve Roe (BCT trustee and Vice-Chair of Derbyshire Bat Group).Designed for its members and the wider bat conservation community, it talks to the experts as well as local heroes to bring you the stories from the bat conservation movement > Don't forget to subscribe to BatChat to listen to these and future episodes (released every fortnight) >



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