Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service - Press Release


On the 1st April 2016 SBRC changed its name to Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service (SBIS). This marks the incorporation of Biodiversity advice into the range of services we offer. The new name also emphasises service provision rather than the ‘dusty cupboard’ impression given by ‘Centre’. SBIS will continue to collect, collate and manage information on the natural environment and to share that information with people in Suffolk who need it for decision making, conservation and education.


Watch a dormouse using a bridge

PTES has announced that work has begun on a commercial version of a dormouse bridge that can be used over public roads. PTES is working with Animex and the Highways Agency to build two bridges across a road in Devon by November 2018. These will be monitored with cameras to see how quickly, and how frequently they’re used by dormice. Watch a dormouse using a bridge! >


JNCC Marine Protected Area videos

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) has aunched a series new offshore Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) videos. The JNCC have been pioneering efforts to explore the more remote areas of UK seas and have brought them to life in this series of underwater videos. The underwater journey begins to the far north of Scotland where hundreds of enormous sponge communities live in the Faroe-Shetland Channel, before travelling to the far south-west of England where England’s only cold-water coral reefs have been discovered. And the North Norfolk sandbanks feature too!



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