Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service - Press Release


On the 1st April 2016 SBRC changed its name to Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service (SBIS). This marks the incorporation of Biodiversity advice into the range of services we offer. The new name also emphasises service provision rather than the ‘dusty cupboard’ impression given by ‘Centre’. SBIS will continue to collect, collate and manage information on the natural environment and to share that information with people in Suffolk who need it for decision making, conservation and education.


Bird report is another feather in the cap for Suffolk

East Anglian Daily Times, John Grant 17th Jan 2018. Suffolk’s latest annual bird report - Suffolk Birds 2016 - illustrates the huge importance of the county for birds, and for birders. Memories of the astonishing avian action are stirred in the newly published Suffolk Birds 2016, which tells the stories behind the discoveries of no less than five birds that had never before been recorded in the county - notwithstanding some tricky taxonomical tussles over the species status of two of them - and one of 2016’s “famous five” was even a “first” for Britain.


Insect declines: new alarm over mayfly is ‘tip of iceberg’, warn experts

The Guardian 11th Jan 2018. Damien Carrington. Modest levels of pollution found in many English rivers are having a devastating impact on mayflies, new research suggests, killing about 80% of all eggs. Clouds of emerging mayflies were once a regular sight on English summer evenings and they are a key part of the food chain that supports fish, birds and mammals. The finding that even pollution well below guidelines can cause serious harm adds to concerns about plummeting insect numbers.



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