Volume 43 December 2007
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Introduction. R. Dixon

3D Geological Mapping by the British Geological Survey in the Ipswich area. S. Mathers & H. Kessler

Promoting Geodiversity – the Suffolk LGAP T. Holt-Wilson

Autochonous Mollusc Faunas from the Red Crag. R. Dixon

Harmer and Bell: Pliocene Bivalves of Great Britain – a ‘nearly’ monograph R. Markham

Geoconservation: Practical Site Management at Sutton. B. Hall

Incineration and Landfill: What does my Geoconscience say? H. Mottram

Recent Work at Foxhall Palaeolithic Site. P. Allan

Field excursion – Newbourne Springs. S. Linford Wood & R. Dixon


The Little Ouse River, the Waveney River and the Breckland: a joint history. R. West

On the status of ponds and Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus in Suffolk. T. Langton, G. Millins & C. Langton

Freshwater Invertebrate Recorder’s Annual Report. A. Chalkley

Butterfly recording in the Fynn valley. R. G. Stewart

Bogue (Boops boops) in the southern North Sea. J. R. Ellis & M. Eade

Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera: 13 Seventeen species new to the Suffolk list, six deletions and recent significant records. D. R. Nash

Comments and notes on some Suffolk Moths in 2006. A. W. Prichard

2006 Butterfly Report. R. Parker


Spider Recorder’s Report, 2006. & Other Arthropods Recorder’s Report 2005/6. P. Lee

Bryophytes in Suffolk 2006. R. Fisk

Some Suffolk butterflies 23 July to 5 August. A. Aston