Volume 38 December 2002
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Wither Botany? David Bellamy

Where have all the wildflowers gone? Peter Marren

The ecology of a changing flora. Kevin Walker

Knowing what we have: the ever-changing inventory. Clive Stace

Approaches to native and alien species. Chris Preston

Making it count for people and plants piloting the Common Plants Survey. Martin Harper

Vegetation change from 1978 to 1998: twenty years of pattern and process in national scale surveillance data across Great Britain. Simon Smart et al.


Antlions: a link between Charles Darwin and an early Suffolk naturalist. P. Armstrong

The Suffolk ‘Butterflies in Churchyards’ Survey 2001. R. G. Stewart

Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera: 9 - Eighteen species new to the Suffolk list with significant records from the year 2001. D. R. Nash

The discovery and observations of the Small Red-eyed Damselfly (Erythromma viridulum) at a Suffolk site in 2001. N. Sherman

Comments and notes on some Suffolk moths in 2001. A. W. Prichard


Harbour Porpoise found on beach P. G. Lawson

Additional records of aberrant Small Copper. R. G. Stewart

Plant Recording in 2001. M. N. Sanford

Butterfly Report for 2001. R. G. Stewart

Butterflies at Framlingham, 5-13 August. & Moths at Framlingham, 5-13 August. A. Aston

Orthoptera Recorder’s Report 2001. S. Ling

Bryophyte recording in Suffolk 2001 R. Fisk

Aculeate Hymenoptera Recorder’s Report for 2001. A. Knowles & P. Lee

Geology Group Field Meetings Report for 2001. R. Dixon

Other Arthropods Recorder’s Report 2001. P. Lee

Lichenology in Suffolk. C. J. Hitchf

Spider Recorder’s Report, 2001 P. Lee