Volume 37 December 2001
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CONFERENCE 2000 - PLAYING GOD OR GARDENING? - a conference on re-introductions

Guidelines, Pros & Cons. Derek Moore

Mammals. Paul Bright

The role of re-introductions in conserving British birds. Ian Carter

Plant translocations & sustainable recovery. Ruth Davis

Butterflies. John Davis

The Wart-biter Bush-cricket. Oliver Cheesman

Past, Present and...Future? Conservation practice and the conservation genetics of plant populations. Quentin Kay

Buckets of Biodiversity. Roger Mitchell & Dave Stone

Re-introductions - English Nature’s perspective. Baroness Young


Antlions in the Suffolk Sandlings. E. J. M. Kirby

Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera: 8 - Fourteen species new to the Suffolk list with significant records from the year 2000. D. R. Nash

Comments and notes on some Suffolk moths in 2000. A. W. Prichard

Plant recording in 2000. M. N. Sanford


Freshwater Invertebrate Recording 2000–2001. A. K. Chalkley

The Scarce Chaser (Libellula fulva) on the River Stour. S. Goddard

The Small Copper ab. caeruleopunctata Rühl in Suffolk, 1983–2000. R. G. Stewart

Butterflies at Framlingham, August 6th–14th. Moths at Framlingham, 6th–14th August. A. Aston

Aculeate Hymenoptera Recorder’s Annual Report 2000. A. Knowles & P. Lee

Orthoptera Recorder’s Report 2000. S. Ling

Spider Recorder’s Annual Report 2000. P. Lee

Other Arthropods Recorder’s Annual Report 2000. P. Lee

Bryophyte Recording in Suffolk. R. Fisk