Schedule 9 Species Records

Our data enquiry service priovides records of species covered by the revised Schedule 9 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act which came into force in April 2010. This covers certain species of plants and animals that do not naturally occur in Great Britain, have become established in the wild, and represent a threat to the natural fauna and flora. Section 14 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act prohibits the release of any animal species that are “not ordinarily resident in and is not a regular visitor to Great Britain in a wild state” and specifically those listed in Schedule 9 Part 1. Section 14 also prohibits the establishment of non-native plant species which are listed in Part 2. Whilst most of the plants and animals are invasive aliens, the birds listed on Schedule 9 include some native taxa such as Barn Owl and Goshawk where the listing is intended to prevent the release of captive birds with reduced fitness and viability, which could reduce the strength of the wild population. The provision of this data is to help minimize the risk to non natives damaging our biodiversity. For more information please visit the Non Native Species Secretariat website.

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As with protected species records, you will receive schedule 9 records in the form of a spreadsheet, with record locations (for grids of 6 figure or greater accuracy) plotted on a (pdf) map.

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