Volume 18 Parts 1-4 1979-1982
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The Suffolk Bird Report 1978. Moore, D. R.

Observations at Suffolk Starling Roosts. Copping, R. J.

Fifty years of ornithology in Suffolk. Payn, W. H.

Suffolk botany, 1929-1979. Simpson, F. W.

A review of some butterflies and moths in Suffolk during the past fifty years. de Worms, C. G. M.

Recollections of a Suffolk Naturalist in the early days of the Society. Wiltshire, E. P.

Some Suffolk plant records 1977-1978. Hyde, E. M. & Hyde, M. A.

Tulipa sylvestris L. in Suffolk v.c.25. Trist, P. J. O.

Some former sites of Tulipa sylvestris L in Suffolk. Simpson, F. W.

The harvest mouse in Suffolk in 1978. Naunton, C. R.

Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera: 1 Carabidae, a supplement. Nash, D. R.

Additions to and comments on the Suffolk list of Anobiidae (Coleoptera). Mendel, H.

Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1978. Chipperfield, H. E.

Soils of Redgrave and Lopham Fens. Price, J. R.

Stag beetles-Papaver atlanticum (Ball) Cosson- Morley collection Notes

A review of Suffolk ornithology in 1979. Moore, D. R.

The George Brownlow Benson collection of bird study skins. (with a footnote by D. R. Moore). Sawford, B. R.

Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1979. Chipperfield, H. E.

Moths recorded at Wissett, nr. Halesworth in 1979. Antram, F. B. S.

Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera: 2 Lathridiidae. Nash, D. R.

Notes on Suffolk Carabidae (Coleoptera) including two species new to the county list. Mendel, H.

Were we invaded by greenfly? Heathcote, G. D.

An under-recorded millipede from Suffolk. Milne-Redhead, E.

The study of spiders and some recent records of interesting spiders found in Suffolk. Thornhill, W. A.

A predator defence in Onychiurus armatus (Tuilb.) (Collembola: Onychiuridae). Brown, R. A.

Some recent Suffolk plant records. Hyde, E. M., Hyde, M. A. & Simpson, F. W.

Oenanthe pimpinelloides L. in Suffolk. Hyde, E. M.

Notes on Oenanthe pimpinelloides L. and O. lachenalii C.C. Gmel. Simpson, F. W.

The shingle foreshore lagoon system of Shingle Street Barnes, R. S. K. & Heath, S. E.

Butterflies-otter-snakes-wild tulip-Colombian beetle Purchase of back numbers of the Transactions Errata Notes

Natural history societies and the future. Kerr, N. R.

A brief review of Suffolk ornithology in 1980. Moore, D. R.

Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1980. Chipperfield, H. E.

Some Lepidoptera recorded from Suffolk Trust for Nature Conservation reserves during 1980. Watchman, A.

Stigmella tiliae (Frey), a nepticulid moth new to the county list. Manning, S. A.

Long term monitoring of the moth populations at Broom’s Barn. Woiwod, I. P.

Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera 3: Cucujidae and Silvanidae. Nash, D. R.

The spiders of Suffolk. Russell-Smith, A.

A review of Suffolk pseudoscorpions (With an original drawing by W. A. Thomhill). Mendel, H.

Some recent Suffolk plant records. Hyde, E. M., Hyde, M. A. & Simpson, F. W.

Nineteenth century Rubus specimens from Suffolk Green, C. A.

The brambles of Suffolk: further notes. Bull, A. L.

A brief review of the botany of Shingle Street, Suffolk. Heath, S. E.

A plant-bearing horizon in the lcenian Crag of Easton Bavents and Covehithe. Cambridge, P.

Early man in the Antian Crag at Easton Bavents, Suffolk. Collings, H. D.

White-letter hairstreak butterfly-Reed dagger moth-Hornets- Great warty newt- Luminescent wood- Vicia hybrid Notes

A brief review of Suffolk ornithology in 1981. Moore, D. R.

The increase and feeding habits of herring and lesser black-backed gulls at Orfordness, Suffolk. Thomas, G. J., Partridge, J., Wolstenholme, R. S., Richards, P., Everett, M. J. & Cadbury, C. J.

Suffolk Lepidoptera in 1981. Chipperfield, H. E.

Suffolk Orthoptera. Maybury, G. W.

Notes on some Suffolk sawflies. Milne-Redhead, E.

A few more records of Pseudoscorpions including a species new to Suffolk. Mendel, H.

A woodlouse new to East Anglia. Irwin, A. G.

Some Suffolk plant records 1980-81. Hyde, E. M., Hyde, M. A. & Simpson, F. W.

An introductory note on the native Roses of Suffolk. Vaughan, I. M.

The Huntingfield oak. Simpson, F. W.

Old Ipswich gardens. Simpson, F. W.

Notes on the high-level (?marine), late Anglian Woolpit Beds, Suffolk. Bristow, C. R. & Gregory, D. M.

Marine mammals-weasel v. water vole-stoats in ermine-noctule bat in owl pellet-blackbird v. bat-unusual spindle-The Ray Society-The Wildlife Sound Recording Society Notes