Volume 21 December 1985
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A tribute and notes on some Suffolk moths. Watchman, A.

Suffolk butterflies, 1984. Mendel, H. & Piotrowski, S. H.

A ‘new’ aphid is causing severe damage to lupins in East Anglia. Heathcote, G. D.

Records of Scuttle Flies (Diptera: Phoridae) from Flatford Mill, including two species new to Britain. Disney, R. H. L.

The distribution of the Great Raft Spider, Dolomedes plantarius, on Redgrave and Lopham Fens. Thornhill, W. A.

The Diptera of Redgrave and Lopham Fens. Withers, P.

The survival of aphids during a severe winter. Heathcote, G. D.

A review of Suffolk ornithology-1984. Warren, R. B.

Some recent Suffolk plant records. Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.

Further plant records from Landguard Common, 1984. Copping, A.

The Lizard Orchid (Himantoglossum hircinum) at Lakenheath-a history of happenings since 1974. Rutterford, M. G.

The Black Poplars of Exning. Easy, G. M. S.

Seaweed communities on the artificial coastline of south eastern England. 1. Reclaimed saline wetland and estuaries. Tittley, I.

The heaths of south-west Suffolk. Chatters, C.

The Suffolk Barn Owl enquiry. Martin, J. R. p 9

Plants growing on old walls. Simpson, F. W. p 12

Rare Breckland plants. Hyde, E. M. p 17

A Speedwell at Barton and the Roman Tulip. Simpson, F. W. p 22

Fungi. Simpson, F. W. & Heathcote, G. D. p 35

Forsythia. Simpson, F. W. p 44

Unusual fungus from Brightwell. Green, C. A. p 64

The occurrence of the Marsh Moth Athetis palustris in Suffolk. Barnett, R. J. p 72