Volume 22 December 1986
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A review of Suffolk Ornithology-1985. Warren, R. B.

Timber treatments and bats. Racey, P. A.

Quaternary research in East Anglia at the Harrison Zoological Museum. Harrison, D. L.

Some additions to the beetle fauna of Staverton Park, Suffolk. Welch, E. C.

Biological records--some notes on twitchers, splitters, bumpers and aphids. Heathcote, G. D.

The non-marine Mollusca of Suffolk. Killeen, I. J.

Some recent Suffolk plant records with additions and emendations to Simpson’s Flora and a drawing of Crimson Clover (H. Thompson). Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.

The flora of Rosehill. Simpson, F. W.

Maritime plants on Suffolk’s roadsides. Hyde, E. M.

Survival of Sea Beet and Sugar Beet inland in Suffolk. Heathcote, G. D.

Molinia caerulea (L.) Moench subsp. arundinacea (Schrank) H. Paul, a subspecies of Purple Moor-grass. Trist, P. J. O.

Festuca trachyphylla (Hackel) Krajina, a grass introduced into the Suffolk Breckland. Trist, P. J. O.

Former Suffolk naturalists. Simpson, F. W.

Notes on some Suffolk moths in 1985. Watchman, A.

Blankets for Blue Tits. Hyde, E. M. p 69

Cherry Plum. Simpson, F. W. p 69

Worries of a photographer. Simpson, F. W. p 70

Dormice in Suffolk. Roughton, J. p 70

The Lizard Orchid. Heathcote, G. D.p 71

Monstrous fishes. Mendel, H. p 71

Unusual Plantains. Addington, R. p 72

Agricultural chemicals. Addington, R. p 73

Green-winged Orchid. Sanford, M. N. p 74