Search Specifications - Location and Search Requirements

The information we need from you is typically where and what kind of search you would like us to conduct.

  • First we need to know where would you like us to search? - Most customers will provide a grid reference to search from, however, we can also conduct searches from a site boundary, linear route or an address and postcode.
  • Secondly we need to know what search area would you like us to search within? - Most customers ask for a radius ranging from 500m to 2km, but this figure is customisable to your needs. Alot of our customers will ask for a different search area for species and sites e.g. 500m and 2km respectively.
  • Thirdly we need to know what information you require? - Our standard search which covers 90% of requests includes records of protected, locally scarce and rare species, schedule 9 records, veteran/notable/ancient trees, local site (County Wildlife Site, County Geo Sites and RIGS) citations and a map showing designated sites and record locations. However searches can be tailored to suit customers needs and additional datasets can be queried upon request e.g. available habitat data or the providing of data in GIS format
  • Search Requirements

    Contacting us with the above information is all we need to produce a quote for the supply of data.

    The majority of searches will be covered by our standard search charge of £100 + VAT. Larger searches and other pieces of work outside of the standard search specification will be charged at either our hourly, daily or weekly rate (see our charges page for more information).

    Once we provide a quote, all we need is email confirmation (providing invoice information) to proceed with your request.

    Typical turn-around time for a data search is the delivery of data (via email) within 24 work hours after receiving email confirmation. Please be aware that we operate on a first come first serve basis and that response times will differ in times of heavy work load or staff on leave.

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