Volume 25 December 1989
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Claude Morley and the Suffolk Naturalists’ Society. Simpson, F. W.

Great Glemham mammals in the 1920s. Cranbrook, Earl of

29 to Rails End. George, W. S.

What’s in a name? Heathcote, G. D.

Focus on Eric Hosking, OBE. Martin, J. R.

Saproxylic beetles (Coleoptera) of the Icklingham Plains. Mendel, H.

Notes on the Suffolk list of Coleoptera: 5. Ischnodes sanguinicollis (Pz.) (Elateridae) in Suffolk. Nash, D. R.

Notes and comments on some Suffolk moths in 1988. Watchman, A.

A lifetime with butterflies and moths. Eley, R. F.

Conserving the Barberry Carpet moth in Suffolk. Waring, P.

Testacella haliotidea and other slugs in an Ipswich garden. Parsons, E.

Where are Suffolk’s earwigs? Milne-Redhead, E.

Some recent Suffolk plant records. (with drawings of Purple Viper"s Bugloss, Wallflower and Verbena rigida) Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.

The Botanical Society of the British Isles monitoring scheme in Suffolk, 1987-8. Hyde, E. M.

The influence of farming practice on the survival and final extinction of Fingered Speedwell, Veronica triphyllos L., at Lakenheath. Trist, P. J. O.

Suffolk mosses and liverworts. Smith, A. C.

Lichenology in Suffolk. Hitch, C. J. B.

New records of fossil flowering plants from Suffolk. Pearson, H. L.

A relative relief map of Suffolk. Hoppitt, R.

The Upper Caenozoic sequence around the Long Row, Covehithe. Mottram, H. B.

Anting by Blackbird. Jennings, H. E. p 92

Hedgehog activity. Parsons, E. p 92

Breeding Bumble Bees. Parsons, E. p 93

Frogs. Parsons, E. p 93

lnesculation. Beaumont, A. p 94

Claude Morley. Bull, A. L. p 94

Birdseed aliens. Hyde, E. M. p 94

Ferns on Coralline Crag. Simpson, F. W. p 95

Hybrid oak. Simpson, F. W. p 95

Old Ivy. Simpson, F. W. p 95

A new Bramble. Bull, A. L. p 96

Abnormal Round-leaved Fluellen. Bull, A. L. p 96

Mullein Moth caterpillars and Thrush. Hyde, E. M. p 96

A White Wagtail. Bull, A. L. p 97

Garden aliens. Sanford, M. N. p 97

Emperor Moth eggs. Beaumont, A. p 98

Engine oil. Beaumont, A. p 98

Whale in the Stour. Mendel, H. p 98

A toadstool in Ipswich. Simpson, F. W. p 99